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I haven’t posted any new review recently because I had been extremely busy at my job. We got “audited” during past month and anyone  who had experienced a government audit knows how crazy all the supervisors go at the mention of those events. Even as tired as an audit leaves you, there are a few things I have read and heard that I want to share with you guys. Lets see…

1) Fleshlight kills the signature textures for the FLG line… and resurrect them a few weeks later. As you know, back in March I wrote about the demise of the signature textures for the Fleshlight Girls line of toys. The FLG line would continue, but only available with the Lotus texture for the vaginal toy. The backlash on the FL forum was epic and even a boycott took shape. Whatever the reason, Fleshlight realized it was a bad move and in late April, resurrected the signature textures for their FLGs.

Now, I would like to give a free suggestion to the marketing “geniuses” at ILF. If you want to inject new life into the product, make a DAMN REALISTIC texture! Don’t tell me is not possible – the guys who made the Spider did it, with a sleeve that looks and feels like a FL clone. So just design the appropriate rod and DO IT! Then you can use the new realistic texture as the default option for a new FLG line, giving the Lotus a second seat as an alternative.

By the way… Can you retire the generic Pink Lady pussy? It looks unrealistic – so much that even fantasy toys like the ones done by Bad-Dragon look more realistic (and more attractive). Change the generic Lady Horse Pussy with the MILF Hunter, the Spread Eagle, or even one the size of the Lotus Lager. In fact, have two or three vagina models as options for your generic pussy, add the “signature” textures for the BYO and you just made another revolution in the sex toy industry. Come on guys…

This is a fantasy “lady-horse” pussy… and it is more attractive than the Pink Lady. (Photo:  Bad-Dragon.com)

2) Soloflesh adds an ebony version. I haven’t tried the Soloflesh, but hearing that a vendor adds some color to their products is always positive. For some weird reason, there are more blue and green fake pussies than African-American or Latina inspired toys in the market. That is changing and personally I am glad to see them out there. It even makes me want to try the fuckable water balloon…

3) Porn films move outside L.A.   Last November, voters in Los Angeles voted to require all porn actors to use condoms in movies filmed in the San Fernando Valley (where most adult film companies have their offices and studios). According to the L.A. Times, only 2 permits for adult film recording had been submitted by April 2013, well below the rate that reached 500 on 2012. The companies are moving to other California counties – which are already considering passing similar laws to keep the porn films away.

Honestly, I believe condom use should be mandatory in any commercial porn movie. These are people who are sleeping with multiple partners as part of their job, so they should be required to protect themselves – just like construction workers are required to use hard hats and steel toe shoes. Maybe is because I became sexually active during the heyday of the AIDS epidemic, but I don’t see the logic behind having sex with multiple partners WITHOUT a condom.

4) Cosplay is NOT Consent. As I had written before, I do not understand cosplaying… but I have nothing against young, hot women, walking around in tight clothes showing pronounced cleavages. I don’t know how crazy (or naive) a young woman has to be to dress in tight clothes that leave almost nothing to the imagination and expect the guys in attendance to be complete gentlemen. Remember, we are talking about a group where at least half of these guys masturbates furiously while watching anime or playing games like Dead or Alive or Tomb Raider. What the hell, I don’t go to these conventions and I have to stop playing DoA or Rumble Roses after 30 minutes to take a dick-pumping break!

Excuse me for a few minutes…

Don’t want to sound like a complete chauvinist, but I am a firm believer of personal responsibility.  If you are a female cosplayer dressed with just a few vinyl / leatherette strips to cover your body, you know you are throwing yourself to the wolves. Most of these characters are based on typical male fantasies – and you are making these fantasies real in the flesh. You know they will stare at you – because they are horny males, you are a hot woman, and you are dressed as the target of many, many lonely sessions of sexual fantasies.

That said, I agree with the premise from Cosplay Is Not Consent.  Nothing gives me or anyone else the right to touch, grab, or fondle another person without his / her consent. As a guy, if I see a sexy woman, I do stare at her (can’t avoid it) and maybe say something – but I had NEVER being lewd or depraved on my looks or comments.

Women like to be noticed and complimented, but please, PLEASE, don’t think they like to be disrespected or treated like a piece of meat even when having just two dots covering her nipples and a dental-floss thong. They are using a costume and often, they are PAID to go dressed as a specific character, so treat them as performing artists, because that is what they are.

That respect goes to photographing. If you want a photo of that Evangelion girl that is almost exploding the plug suit with her curves, or of that sexy Pikachu, ask for her permission first. Whatever you do with the photo afterwards is your own damned business, but be a man and ask for permission before photographing. If  you participate in cosplay / fantasy conventions,  please don’t be an asshole and respect the ladies. Enjoy the view and compliment their costume… while looking at her eyes if possible.

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  1. I’ll agree with everything except photography. If you’re in public, being photographed is a reasonable expectation. If the photographer isn’t getting in the way, creating a disturbance, or otherwise being a pain in the ass, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    1. The problem is that those expos are “semi-public” spaces. You have to pay a fee to enter to the place, so some level of privacy / personal space is expected. In fact, in many expos (non-cosplay) I had participated, photographs are not permitted inside the expo floor.

      General photographing is not the real problem – the problem is the aggressive ways some guys have to photograph the female performers, invading the personal space of these participants. Some of the photos include ones that can be considered as sexual assault such as upskirts. That’s why I suggest to be decent and ask for permission to take a photo.

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