RANT: What if?

 What if …  The main image of this post was a t-shirt saying “No fatties”? I started writing  articles about how women are “gold-digging whores”? I started calling every needy (“thirsty”) woman “fuck doll”? I said that all women are just after my money  – even when I barely live check by check? I labeled […]

Responding to a comment…

Recently, one of my readers posted the following comment: Oh man if only i wasn’t a university student with a really limited budget i wouldn’t think twice about getting one of those… I want really want to hear your opinion about this, i’m a young fellow, i’m 21 years old who has never experienced true […]

Article: I am a MAN, not an animal!

Today I feel the need to say this loud and clear: I AM A MAN, NOT AN ANIMAL! Why I need to scream this? Because I am sick and tired of bloggers, Youtubers, and forum participants of “correcting” me every time I mention that I review sex toys  for MEN. As soon I mention that, […]

Merry XXXmas!

You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I’m telling you why Horny Claus is coming to town He’s making a list And checking it twice Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice Horny Claus is coming to town He sees you when you’re sleeping He knows when you’re awake He knows […]