Doll Review: Aiko Doll

I am not a big microphiliac fan, but Gulliver and the Lilliputians always got me interested… Hey, in my pervert mind, Gulliver had some of the female Lilliputians playing with his dick, showering them with cum on a regular basis… Sometimes I want to feel like Gulliver and the smaller scale dolls allow me to live […]

Missing my girls…

When I started using dolls a few years ago, I joined the internet doll forums to learn more about how to modify my only doll at the time to improve my experiences with it. I began to read the different threads and discovered the deep relationships some of the members had with their synthetic partners. […]

Review: Love Venus R Doll

In my search for Masturbatory Heaven, love dolls were not even considered. The prospect of  having to inflate a plastic doll with pointy breasts and cartoonish face simply didn’t rock my boat. They were good for bachelor parties, frat houses, and practical jokes, but I was not interested in sharing an intimate moment with any. […]