My Way #3: MGTOW, Incel, or TFL?

Some of you have asked me in different occasions how do I label myself: MGTOW, TFLer, or Incel. I am not a big fan of labels, but although all three labels involve single guys, it is important to “define” each label before we use them. First, InCel stands for Involuntary Celibate. These are people – […]

My Life, My Way

Personally, I like to keep my private life to myself. Ironically, in the past seven years I had been describing my private life -or the lack of one – online, where thousands of strangers know more about what I do with my genitals than my own family. In fact, to my family, I am either […]

Article: Fuck Valentine’s Day!

When I first wrote this entry, I wrote a long rant against celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day. After all, it is another commercial holiday designed just to sell overpriced chocolates, flowers, cards, and lingerie – things that you can buy 10 times cheaper ANY OTHER DAY. After all, it is the day when you MUST have […]