Hurricane Sandy

As you can guess by my nick, I’m located in NYC. We are just getting out of the effects of Hurricane Sandy, a.k.a. “Frankenstorm”. That fucker damaged the city and the whole Tri-State area, breaking homes, schools, and churches all over the place. I was one of the fortunate people that did not suffer any […]

I’m baaaaaack!!!

So, your friendly neighbor Casquetero is back on the web! I was kept busy during the last month, solving a bunch of personal crap that forced me to be out of the country, out of the web, and out of any enjoyable activity for a few weeks… but I’m back with a vengeance! In the […]

Resolutions for 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, 2012 is finally here! The end of the current Maya calendar – doomsday for some, a new start for others, and a lot of $$$ for some people writing scary shit about the end of the world. Or like my friend Itzel (a Maya descendant) likes to say, the year of […]

Doll Review: Teddy Babe “Akiko”

Review: Today, I am reviewing another type of “sex toy” – a sex doll. I have written about why I like sex dolls and I have shared in different web forums my increasing collection (4 to date). I have already written about the Love Venus R, so today I want to write about another of […]

RPP 2.0 #6: Ice Crystal Fleshlight

ICE Crystal texture (Photo: ILF /   Review: A few months ago, Fleshlight decided to simplify their Ice lineup and developed an exclusive texture for their colorless FL: The Crystal. The Crystal is a fairly complex texture. Look at the picture and you will see an abundance of sections with nubs, ribs, tight sections, […]