Coming Attractions!

Hey guys and gals, The Casquetero is still alive!

I had been very busy in the last few weeks – workplace audits, family issues, and apartment renovations – so I haven’t took time to update the blog. Imagine…

Does that mean I had forgotten about adding toys to my collection? No… No… No! I got a few things I will be reviewing in the next few weeks (as soon my life gets back to normal).

Want to know? Let me tell you…

  • Tenga Flip Red
  • Air Usahane Pussy (Bitch)
  • Mood Pleaser Zig Zag
  • Mood Pleaser Tight 
  • Mood Pleaser Wave
  • Vibrators for men
  • More doll reviews

Also, I will begin to do video reviews in July… so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions!”

  1. Looking forward to it, particulaly the doll reviews. You don’t see those much anywhere. Most blogs just discuss the high end silicones (e.g. Realdolls). A few of the sex-toy-centric blogs occasionally mention one, but they seem few and far between.

    1. I have three inflatable dolls to review – Yumi, Naughty Neiko, and the Nasty Busty. I tested them for a friend owning a sex shop, but I never published the reviews here. Also, I will be testing a solid small doll from 1am Dolls.

      Why blogs don’t review sex dolls? Simple – most sex toy blogs are written by women. They don’t like to write about a “substitute” to them! (LOL)

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