Getting some help for my little friend…

So, it is finally confirmed… Women like big dicks!

Recently, a study done with Australian women confirmed what all of us with shorter members feared – that our lady friends would prefer a longer cock inside them. They were shown images with different male body types with different sizes of penises at rest and most selected the types with longer penis sizes as being more attractive. Of course, the length of the tool was not the “main” factor of selection, but still that study fucked up my already bruised ego.

My little friend (a.k.a. the Hooded Prince) measures 5 inches on a good day, so as you can imagine, I have heard those three cursed words a few times in my life. Of course, when I had heard those from my partner (or any of the variations like “I don’t feel it!”), my desire simply evaporated and my little friend decided to go on strike. Arguments began, ending on a lonely night with me drinking with my pal Don Q and cursing my genes…

At those moments, I wished I was born a centaur (but a manlier one than this guy). 

Since I am not related to any known species of equine, I had accepted that some of my lady friends will want more than the 5 inches of meat I can offer them. What is the option? Use one of those mechanical penis extenders? I’m sorry, but I am not going to spend $300 on a thing that will extend my penis 1 inch after months of use. Pumps? They can be dangerous and they really don’t work. Pills? Please!! Surgery? HELL NO!

Then what?  I opted for the easiest and quickest option. I swallowed my pride and got two extensions to help my little friend to go where he had not gone before…

Because I can, Pickard… because I can!

My FWB has not complained about the size of the Hooded Prince, but being the proactive man I am, I got these two “helpers” just in case she does…

Por dos pulgadas, por dos pulgadas…

The first one is a 4″ extender from Adam & Eve that is almost the same width of the Hooded Prince – so the only difference is the length. With this, there are 9 inches of dick to go in her. The thing is placed just like a condom over the erect penis and creates suction on each stroke, so it keeps the Prince on  attention while she is getting the extra length. It is made of Cyberskin, so it looks and feels very natural. Hell, I tried it on and it looked impressive!

This extension has two drawbacks. First, the thing tends to bend at the junction where the real dick ends and the fake one begins, even after trimming for custom fit. The second is that no matter the skin tone, it never matches my natural skin… so I become a calanco – a dark guy with a white dick (in Spanish “un negro con bicho blanco”) every time I put it on.

The XL Black Mamba (Extreme Restraints)

The other helper looks more intimidating – and not just because it is black. The XL Black Mamba from Extreme Restraints has an insertable length of 7.5 inches… but a 2.5 inches diameter (or a whooping 7.85 inches of girth). My natural girth is 4.5 inches, so this monster makes the Hooded Prince two inches longer and 3 inches thicker in a few minutes. The main advantage of the Mamba is that once in position, it stays there thanks to the ball ring and its hollowed interior. Passing my balls through the ring and placing my penis inside the Mamba required lots of lube, but once lubed, placing the Mamba in place was relatively easy. The sheath of the mamba has rounded bumps that keeps my little friend excited and happy while using this black monstrosity. 

The Mamba is made of flexible PVC which has two major drawbacks: its hardness and the chemical smell. The smell disappeared after a few washes with mild soap, but it is very strong at first. The hardness can be too much for some who are on the receiving end of this monster, so be sure to REALLY lube the Mamba before fucking your partner with this thing!

As said before, my FWB had not complained about the Hooded Prince, so I haven’t used any of these with her… but if I ever use them with a lady friend, I will tell you how it goes…

8 thoughts on “Getting some help for my little friend…”

  1. The other thing women get off on- 6 pack abs- clitoral stimulation if developed enough. They are free just a lot of work but you’ll feel better about yourself.

    1. The thing is, I feel good with myself. I know I don’t have a porn star penis, but I have learned how to use it pretty well.

      As said, my current girl has no complaints about me or my little friend. In fact, when I showed her the Black Mamba, she looked at me with a “No FUCKING WAY!” face that still makes me smile!

  2. I have an above average penis, but I am a 20+ virgin. So Casquetero, you are getting pussy. That is the important thing, ha-ha.

  3. 5 inches is the average size. Nothing to complain about. Those women should just do more work themselves and squeeze down there (By the way, how loose could a women be that she wouldn’t feel it? If that happens to you again dear casquetero just tell them they shouldn’t whore around that much- it’s bad for their health, really)

    1. I compare it to our fascination with breast size… a B cup is average, but our eyes go wild whenever we see a pair of DD’s!

      The ladies that had complained live in my past, when my attitude was different. Now I give them what they wished for – and make them regret it! 🙂

    1. I am very aware of that and had used it in my advantage a few times. 😉

      The thing is that sometimes you have to give them what they THINK they want… so then they realize how mistaken they were!

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