Improving an inflatable doll

Love Body Aki in its original state

As I mentioned in the previous post, I modified my Love Body Aki with a pair of the awesome Quty Tits. The inspiration came from a video posted by our friends of which you can watch by clicking here.

Now, this “improvement” requires some level of being good at crafts, which as you will see later, I don’t have…

 What do you need?

For this project, you will need:

  • Love Body Aki inflatable doll (or any other inflatable with small boobs).
  • Quty Tits
  • Velcro (if you want to be able to remove the Quty Tits for cleaning and storage)
  • Super Glue (to seal the breast holes on the doll and reinforce the glue of the Velcro on the Quty Tits)
  • Scissors
Steps (from the video)
  1. Cut the breasts from the Aki.
  2. Use pieces from the material and glue them over the two ventilation holes on each breast.
  3. Inflate the  doll. That will allow you to check for leaks.
  4. Put Velcro on the doll. How much will depend on the quality of the Velcro and how strong you want the bond to be. (I used industrial strength velcro because it was the one I had available at the moment).
  5. Use the other side of the Velcro on the back of the Quty Tits. You probably will need to apply some Super Glue on the back of the tape to strengthen the adhesive.
  6. Put and press the Quty Tits on place.
  7. ENJOY!

The steps are easy enough for a guy without any crafts talent to follow (me), so if I could do it, anyone should be able to do it.

Now, I know you want photos, so here they are…

 Remember that the Aki can use most Japanese inserts like the Succubus, the 17 Series and others that are up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Here a photo of the doll ready for use with one Succubus masturbator:

I used also the 17 Bordeaux with this ensemble and man, IT WAS GREAT! You can put the Busty Ai-Chan on the doll, but you will have to leave the doll in missionary position (no velcro can hold those D-cups!)

The visuals of those massive tits waving on every thrust was incredible. Of course, if you want to dress the Aki to amp the fantasy levels, you can. Just remember that these toys will liberate some oily residue that can stain the clothes. Here I enjoyed the American standard of fucking the cheerleader…
 If you want detailed steps on how to modify your doll, again, just go here and watch the video. You can watch it in YouTube from that link.

19 thoughts on “Improving an inflatable doll”

  1. Hey Cas,

    I recently picked up a pair of breasts, and I am having troubles getting it to stick to the plastic doll. I have tried using various types of glue as well as velcro, and both have simply peeled off.

    Did you do any special preparation to your doll’s bust to secure it, and did you have any problems with the velcro peeling off the artificial skin?

    1. Anonymous,

      Everything depends on which pair of breasts you are trying to attach. The Quty Tits are relatively small (B cup) and light, so they are easy to attach. The Busty Ai-Chan weights like 7 pounds, so there is no glue or velcro that keep them in position (I use them on the doll only on missionary position).

      Which breast toys are you trying to use?

  2. Hey Cas,

    I’m trying to mod my love body’s opening hole to be similar to that of the Meiki Plush Doll (MPD). But the thing is I’m not exactly sure what the path of the drawstring is, inside the MPD.

    Does the drawstring only tighten the entrance of the tunnel, or does it tighten the entire canal?

    Also is the canal’s walls seem very rigid/tight or is it loosely packed?

    Best regards

  3. Dear Cas,

    Thanks for the tip, I spent some time looking on how to repair it and here’s 2 good alternate methods.

    Seems like mine had a pinpoint hole at at one of the seams – The solution was more brawny and simple than I thought – I ended up overinflating the doll and pushing very firmly into the doll in order to hear for any air wooshing out. The pinhole wasn’t even visible then, so I ended up grabbing a eraser and placed it over various parts to finally locate it.

    Submerging the doll under water works very well, granted you have a bathtub.

    I initially tried using clear wrapping tape, but it doesn’t work on seams. I ended up using a liquid adhesive bandage, which dries clear and fills space. Working great so far. Ironic I’d be using a real skin-care product on my inflatable.

    Thanks again.

    Oh if you only had one pair of breasts, would you rather have just glued them directly on?

    1. I’m happy you were able to fix your love body. Leaks are of the reasons I am not a big fan of inflatable dolls.

      I used the velcro because I wanted to use the breasts in other doll, but the idea did not work as I wanted. Now, is possible I use both breast toys in two homemade dolls I am planning, but still they are just ideas.

    2. Yeah I certainly see leaks being a problem in the future. I think I’ll have to invest in a quality clear plastic PVC sealant eventually.

      That being said, plain and simple, I’m a boob guy so I wanted to be able to mod the plastic body.

      Is the Velcro relatively secure, or is it more trouble than its worth?

    3. Hey Cas,

      So after my 3rd leak and patch-job in the first week I’ve owned it I decided to convert my inflatable into a solid doll by stuffing it with a cotton-polyster mix. I gotta say, the end result is pretty damn awesome, and it only cost 12 bucks for the material.

      It can handle body-weight perfectly fine, doesn’t compress the insert, and is generally much more comfortable to toy around with.

      Anyways I wanted to thank you for helping me out from the decision on which doll to buy (the inflatable or the meiki plush) and guiding me through dealing with the grievances of an inflatable. I guess I’ve struck a good medium between the two and had money leftover to mod the doll to my preferences.

      Best regards

  4. Hey Casquetero,

    I have gotten a love body myself and find that it deflates about 1/4 in about a day’s time. Is this normal? I tried looking for a hole, but I can’t find any.

    1. That deflating is bad news – it means you have a leak. Leaks are normal with all inflatable dolls and they can be a pain to find.

      An easy way to find leaks is to make a mix of dish washing soap with water, take the fully inflated doll to the shower and pour the soapy water over it. You will need to fix the doll whenever you see bubbles.

    1. I glued velcro to the back of the Quty Tits to make them removable and easier to clean. To avoid the velcro to get wet, I use a damp sponge with a few drops of hand soap when needed and rub the tits with that. After dry, I rub some cornstarch to keep them clean and non-sticky.

      Both the Quty and the Busty Ai-Chan are great toys, but they are a pain to keep clean!

  5. Thanks for the comment…

    I used a superglue that is made specifically for plastics and rubber and used only a few drops to reinforce the adhesive from the velcro. So far, it has worked without damaging the Succubus skin (which is not technically silicone, although behaves very similar to platinum cured silicone).

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