Inflatababe #11: Travel Size Anime Annie

A few months ago I went to a pal’s bachelor party and the guy in charge of the whole thing gave us a bunch of travel size dolls from Pipedream. I ended getting the Anime Annie and the Fatty Patty, and although I am not a huge fan of Pipedream’s inflatable dolls – remember the J-Ho fiasco – these were free, had a hole to be fucked, so I did what a horny masked man would do. I fucked them and wrote a review to share with you guys…


The Anime Annie surprised me in a good way as soon I took out of the box. To begin, Annie is not the typical blowup doll. She has the “sex pillow” style, with printed frontal and back sides, while the lateral is completely clear, allowing you to see your little friend violating the 26 inches tall girl. She only has a single hole, which is a pass through hole, allowing your little friend to literally impale the cute anime inflatable.

Annie’s printed design is essential anime lore: blue hair, big eyes, and the horny / guilty face combination that had made anime girls so popular. You can see the huge printed breasts, but Annie is really flat, so don’t expect to be groping mini breasts like you could do with Lil’ Barbi.

As I mentioned, the back is also printed, basically giving you a nice backside view of the cute anime doll. The love passage is a pass through, so it does not matter from where you fuck this doll, you will see your penis basically impaling this doll, with your penis’ head popping on the other side of the doll.

If you like to watch your little friend in action, Anime Annie is perfect because the sides of this doll / sex pillow is transparent. You can position the doll in  position so you can see the penis moving inside this horny little bitch.

This little girl is super easy to inflate  – it does not need any pump – and once deflated you can store it easily in any backpack / travel case.

Using this doll, you will build impressive orgasms. The hole is basically smooth, and well lubricated, it encases your little friend perfectly (given you are of normal girth). Smooth textures allow for load build up and the Anime Annie really delivers, making me shoot loads all over her small plastic body.

This little thing is super cheap – usually $10 to $15 – so if you want to run a gag with friends or want to fuck a small cute doll, consider the Anime Annie.


Looks: 5 / 5
Realism: 2 / 5
Fuckability: 4 / 5 
Durability: 4 / 5 
Inflation / Deflation: 5 / 5 (Easy to inflate without a pump) 

Total:  20 / 25

If you are a fan of Japanese style love pillows, but the cost puts you away, try the Travel Size Anime Annie. She has all the cuteness of the big size pillows on a small and easy to hide package.

Where to buy? You can buy this doll in many different stores.

2 thoughts on “Inflatababe #11: Travel Size Anime Annie”

  1. Hello Casquetero thanks for a very informative blog! I was wondering if you had any experience with the Youcups Dance girls range or would consider trying them? Sleeves look like they would feel great but I can find very little information on them. I’m leaning towards trying the Helen texture but there’s so much choice I cannot decide! You seem to have quite a bit of expertise when it comes to masturbators so your input would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    1. Believe it or not, I ordered 2 of the Dance Girls on Amazon – and they were delivered incorrectly by the USPS. Because they “delivered” the items, I lost my money…

      They look great, but until I can buy them directly from YouCups or other respectable seller, I won’t try to buy them again…

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