Inflatababe #2: Kishimoto Serika

The second review of my plastic harem is for Kishimoto Serika, an anime style inflatable doll distributed in the US by California Exotics and available in most online and brick and mortar stores (even Amazon has it!). Serika is one of the most reviewed inflatable dolls around, so she should have something good going on! 


The Kishimoto Serika doll is a vinyl doll in the doggie style position. She has a printed face with the same design you see on the box, mitten hands (no fingers), simple feet, and big breasts without nipples. The arms are in a hugging position and her legs are spread wide, so you can go easily in her. She includes a simple insert as part of the package. The doll is a full size doll, meaning you can use regular women clothes on her if you want. She would wear a size XS / S on the bottom, size S or M on top (due to her big breasts).


Serika is one of those dolls that gives you mixed feelings. You have to separate the doll from the insert to understand my review.
The doll is fine. She has a printed face on vinyl with a cute design, the body does not have razor edges, and the positioning of the vaginal hole is pretty decent – not on the belly button as in most inflatable dolls. The body design has the curves in all the right places, including a hint of an ass and a pair of big, half elliptical breasts without nipples. I am an anime fan since the early 1980’s, so the cartoonish look does not bother me. Neither does the absence of nipples on the doll and the realization that this doll only is capable of vaginal intercourse (after all most dolls made in Japan have the same characteristics). Inflating the doll by mouth is almost impossible, so get a pump to inflate this lady. The proportions of the doll are pretty realistic – with the logical exception of the anime-size breasts – and Serika looks pretty cool when dressed with regular clothes.

That said, the insert SUCKS! First of all, it smells way too strong, leaving a sharp strawberry car-deodorant everywhere. Besides the damn smell, the insert is sticky from the beginning, it is a pain in the ass to put in even with the doll partially deflated. To round up, once in place, it felt way too crappy, falling from the vaginal hole and sticking to my penis.  I used the damn insert for 5 minutes before taking it out and tossing it into the garbage. As a replacement, I placed My Ona Pet 2 masturbator, which felt much better.

Serika’s pose allows you to use in various positions – doggie style, cowgirl, and missionary (if you are not too heavy). She is fun to use, but she is more delicate than expected. I a not including photos of the inflated Serika because the inevitable happened – she developed a fatal leak after our second night together. Even with that happening, she is so cute, I bought a second one to keep around whenever my back needs some rest…


Looks: 5/5 (Funny to look.)
Realism: 5/5 (nice proportions, vaginal hole in the correct area)
Fuckability: 4/5
Durability: 2/5 
Inflation / Deflation: 3/5 (Need a pump or a good set of lungs to fill this girl)

Total:  19 / 25

Verdict: The Kishimoto Serika is a fun doll to have around. You will need to shop around to find it at the right price (around $30), but she is worth it. Just loose the damned strawberry insert and be gentle with the lady.

UPDATED 12/24/2012 – Inflated Photos

Serika sitting down

In the doggie position. Notice I am not using the TPR insert.

A “sexy” backside

My favorite view of the Serika

With the Lil’ Barbi

4 thoughts on “Inflatababe #2: Kishimoto Serika”

  1. So I got this doll in the mail today and I found a way to get the masturbator in her – and I think it feels pretty great.
    What I do is I put the hose from my shower into the masturbator so it goes all the way through, put the masturbator over the sleeve with the hose going into the sleeve and start gently spraying water into the opening. The water expands the sleeve to its fullest and the masturbator can quite easily be inserted (though some finger-wrestling is neccessary it is nothing compared to getting it in w/o water).
    Just sit her up, let the water gush out, dry her with a towel and everything is set.
    I hope this is helpful to someone. It sure works for me.

    And if I could get an answer to a quick question that would be great.
    In the back of the doll is something that to me looks like a seal that I’ve seen covering the “love-tunnels” of other dolls to ensure “virginity”. I thought it was an odd placement of the seal and I’m too scared removing it just like that. Is the sleeve going all the way through and out the back where the seal is or would removing this seal kill the doll? Thank you.

    1. Personally, I did not like the included insert – but great if it worked for you.

      I won’t remove that seal.I am not sure if the seal will allow you for the sleeve to go through or it is a functional seal.

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