6 thoughts on “Latest Review for Toy Demon…”

  1. Nice review.

    It would be useful if ToyDemon added some kind of serious apples-to-apples comparison of their various dolls/torsos, etc. Especially those clear-plastic torsos look the same in photos. Your review is one of those unusual times when your description is more useful than the photos of the product.

    1. Thanks Saint C. I believe that is why TD and other vendors are moving to customers’ reviews. We tend to compare toys while the vendor usually just repeats the marketing blurb.

  2. Hey if you can you should get your hands on a Monster Meiki SHIN. Best Meiki I ever had bar none, never had a toy induce such mind-numbing orgasms ranging so far on the epic scale.

    1. Where can I get it? I saw a review on the TD Forum, but neither TD, Kanojo or QueenCat are selling it at this time.
      It looks like an interesting toy, and made by MagicEyes, it is sure to be a pleaser!

    2. Uh, I don’t know a lot but you can source it from JP at en-nls.com which will of course take a week or two to arrive and could impose import tax

    3. I had never bought from en-nls, but I understand they are good vendors. The problem is that I try to avoid the extra shipping and customs as much as I can…

      Still, the toy looks good (and some of the other stuff there looked cool too!). I will consider it for my next purchase.

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