My Doll Harem

If ten years ago you had asked my opinion about having a sex doll, I would have laughed to your face. I had seen those documentaries and movies about guys living with real size dolls, treating them as if they were real women, and every time I laughed my ass off. I thought these guys were totally nuts – how could you talk to rubber shaped in the image of a woman? They had to be crazy, losers, maniacs, and only God knew what else.

Fast forward to the present, and here I am, defending doll owners and even more, becoming a sex doll owner myself.

In fact, a few years ago I became a sex doll collector. At this time, I have more than 50 solid dolls of different sizes, styles, and materials. With the few inflatables I also own, I share my tiny apartment with 60+ artificial ladies, all of them fully functional in the genital area.

Why I became such an addict ? No, addict is incorrect, I should have said “collector” I had been thinking about that, and these are some of my reasons:

  1. I am  tired of drama. I haven’t given up on having relationships with real women, but I am tired of all the effort and drama related to  forming and keeping a relationship. After weighting my need of having a woman next to me versus my need of mental health, my mental health won by a huge margin. 
  2. I am afraid of STDs. I became sexually active during the late 1980s – the era of the HIV / AIDS entrance to the mainstream culture. Promiscuity was (and still is)  the main spread method of the disease, so since the beginning of my limited sex life at the moment, AIDS was there to scare the shit out of me. I learned to be afraid of casual sex and prefer masturbation against having one-night stands or casual sex with different women that I barely know.
  3. Masturbation has been part of my life. Since I was 11, I had been masturbating on a daily basis. Even when I had been with a girlfriend, I had masturbated at least once every day to keep my libido on check. The hand gets tiring with time and I had used many different things, fantasies, and methods to produce my own pleasure. Dolls help me to replicate the sexual act – and produce higher levels of pleasure by receiving sensations not only on my penis, but other parts of my body as well.
  4. Dolls allow me to make fantasies real. I know they are not alive. They don’t speak or move – therefore perfect to make my fantasies a reality. With them, I had fucked a nun, a schoolgirl, a sex slave, anime characters, elves, androids, transgenders, dominatrices, and even aliens. I had done bondage, electro stimulation, and threesomes. No fantasy or situation is taboo for them, so I have indulged…
  5. They allow me to relieve stress. Honestly, my health has improved since I have dolls. I found my blood pressure to be lower than five years ago, and my stress levels are in their lowest in years. In some ways, taking care of my dolls – cleaning them, dressing them, and simply combing their wigs – helps me to shake off the stress of the daily grind. I compare it to taking care of a dog, something that with my hectic life I haven’t been able to do for at least ten years. Dolls don’t need to eat, go out, or feel lonely, so they are perfect for me in that department.
  6. They teach me about my own likes and dislikes. Having these dolls and buying clothes and accessories for them had taught me a lot of lessons about the type of woman I like. A simple tight dress, a regular cami, and cotton  panties are my turn-ons. Having dolls had opened my eyes on the woman type I like and that I have not been looking for in previous relationships.
  7. They keep me in shape. Hey, moving, dressing, and yes, fucking these girls are exercises on their own. Even with the lightweight dolls I have (the heaviest is about 80 pounds), I break a sweat when masturbating with the dolls and sometimes when dealing with them. Also, while masturbating with them I understand better the movements I do when having sex with a real woman. I have learned how to control my pace and also had practiced a few new positions with my dolls. Very important, since I suffer from my knees and back…
  8. I have learned new skills. Since having this harem, I have learned about wigs, hair styling, jewelry making and repair, female dress sizes, makeup, and acrylic nails. I have learned about silicone types, urethane, sealants, glues, and about fabric types I did not have an idea they existed about four years ago. I had practiced sewing skills, handcrafting, photography, and even a little of fashion designing. And I am still learning new things…


As a doll owner I often get asked the same questions again and again. Therefore, I am including some of the common questions I get from forum readers and my usual response:

Did you gave up dating? Why?

No, I haven’t given up on dating – I simply got tired of it. Dating in the US is too complicated and overblown. In Latin America dating is simple: You have money, the girls will like you. The interests are clear and laid out in the open – guys want the blow job / pussy /

ass combo and the gals want money, jewelry, and the latest cellphone. Here in the US, women love to make stupid rules for dating and make it more difficult than necessary. Until women here in the US simply learn to be honest with themselves, I will continue to get my blow job / pussy / ass combo from inanimate versions of women.

Do you take your girls out on trips? Do you treat them like real women?

No and almost.

You won’t see me taking a life size doll on a field trip or taking her to a restaurant. To me, my dolls are just toys. They become “alive” thanks to my imagination for an hour or two when I am playing with them – before that (and after), they are part of the furniture. I move them around when needed, but I don’t dine with them, I don’t talk to them, or interact with them in any other way than placing an insert, lubing their orifices, and humping them until the inevitable happens. Then, I clean them, fix them if they are damaged, and return them to their fancy furniture role.

I said I almost treat them as real women because I buy stuff for them – clothes, accessories, wigs. Whenever I pass by a clothing store, I see dresses and accessories and imagine how my dolls would look with it. I see wigs and in my head, I am seeing one doll or another using that wig – often buying it. It is weird, but it is the closest I would say my dolls are “alive”.

 Why so many?

Well, I am a collector… I collect whatever I enjoy – CD’s, movies, video games, baseball cards, toy cars, Star Wars figures – so now, I enjoy fucking artificial women so I collect them…

Each doll – even the ones from the same manufacturer – feels different during play. The consistency, the playing, the positions, and even the smells of each doll is different. I enjoy those experiences and since every doll give me new ones, I keep buying them.

Do you have a “dream doll”?

I have three “dream dolls” – dolls that are on the high end of prices and I cannot convince myself of saving that much money  to spend on a single sex toy. They are:

Asa Akira Wicked RealDoll – I would love to fuck Asa Akira, but I am not a porn star and neither have the millions of dollars to interest her in giving me a handjob. For $7,000 I can get a silicone copy of one of my favorite porn stars – but I can do so many more things with seven grand that I am not even saving the money.

Lupe Fuentes Wicked Real Doll – Another porn star I would love to be with… Petite, Colombian, funny Spaniard accent… She’s adorable! But I don’t have the 7 grand!

Black Ruby 13, Brazil body – This one became a reality in 2016, thanks to a TDF member who sold his Ruby. See the photo below…

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  1. Hey Casquetero,

    You’re probably the expert on the subject so I was hoping you could advise me. I’ve been looking into a hands-free solution for mounting my holes, I’m a little apprehensive though because my favorite hole is the Tomax Venus, and it’s tough to find information of what dolls and mounts can even fit something so huge. I’m living with a roommate right now so I’d prefer something that can be hid away in a closet or trunk easily. Do you know if any airdolls can fit the Venus? Should I just wait for black friday and try and snag a Meiki plush on sale?

    1. I can say the Meiki Plush is an excellent alternative, but in the inflatable arena is more difficult. None of the air dolls I have tested allow for big onaholes in the Meiki / Venus sizes (which are HUGE). There are two air dolls I will be testing in the next weeks, so I will see if the Venus fit in any of them.
      BTW, thanks for the “expert” title!

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