My Favorite Toys

After hundreds of postings and years of reviewing toys, it is inevitable to have a bunch of favorites. I have a few toys I really enjoy on a regular basis, other toys that I would have never bought, and some that I have for “special occasions”. In this page, I will share with you my Top 10 favorites from all the toys I have had reviewed. The list is not in any specific order and it will change every three (or four) months.

So here they are:

  1. Muses Fillo: Interesting tunnel shape with a nice texture.
  2. Fleshlight Sugar: A nice texture giving you lots of control.
  3. Meiki Maria Ozawa: One of the most realistic toys in the market.
  4. HEPS Fantastic: A little oral simulator that feels like heaven.
  5. Love x Cation 2 Series: Inexpensive series of small toys inspired on the main characters of the game Love x Cation 2.
  6. Fleshlight Luxe: Intense texture that drains your balls
  7. La Boca della Verita: Blowjob simulator done right!
  8. HEPS OTRIS: A modular toy perfect for travel.
  9. Fifi: Simple, elegant masturbation sleeve perfect for travel.
  10. Venus Clone: The only toy receiving a perfect score – TWICE!

IMPORTANT : If you are buying masturbators for the first time in your life, avoid any toy with a smooth surface. If you had been using your hand to masturbate, it is highly possible you had developed some desensitization on your penis – also known as Death Grip Syndrome (DGS). If your first masturbator is smooth or with a low intensity level (like most meikis), then you wont feel the toy and will mistakenly think the toy is crap.


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  1. Hey there. I have just git my first girlfriend, Surge, to pleasure my cock. Please be informed it surpassed all my expectations. Gonna fuck her on regular basis from now on. Thanks a lot for your recommendations.

  2. Hey man! I would really appreciate your words of advice before making my mind on my first buy. I`m an experienced “traditional” masturbator, with 5,5 inch dick, fond of long (1-1,5 hours) edging sessions. I `d prefer fancy pussy orifice. I personally fancy ice sleeves but I`m a bit concerned about extra stickiness issue.
    What could be your suggestion? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Paul!
      Since you are an experienced hand user (that is what I understand as “traditional” masturbator), I would recommend intense Fleshlight textures like the Destroya, the Barracuda, the STU, and the Luxe. For the moment I would avoid Japanese toys since they are more realistic and the textures tend to be softer and almost smooth for someone coming from the manual use. Clear toys tend to be stickier, but you can try with the Quickshot Vantage – a short toy that allows you to play with a partner.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks man! I was myself also interested in Destroya. My concern about it is: wouldn`t its intensity make me finish sooner than I like? Does it only come with standart case? I have an impression that smaller case may be more convenient (more similar to a cock). What do you think?

        1. Well, when you use a toy “edging” will take a lot more control because of the intensity of the texture. But that is part of the fun…
          Now, the Destroya only comes in standard size. The smaller case you mention is the Fleslight GO, which comes with two textures. The pink version (Surge) has a good texture for longer sessions while the clear version (Torque) is a little bit more intense. Both are good if you want longer sessions and give you more control than the Destroya. The GO could be a perfect choice for you at this time.
          Hope that helps!

  3. How about converting the toys you listed here into hyperlinks so we can see what they look like or where to purchase etc.

    1. They were linked originally, but the links were lost when I moved the blog to WordPress. I will replace the links whenever I have a chance. Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Looking for the most and I mean most realistic masterbator, tomato venus clone in very soft, maria ozawa, any hips, or sexy

      1. It is very difficult to say “Toy X is the MOST realistic” because each person will feel it differently. IMO, both the Venus Clone in the Soft / Very Soft and the Maria Ozawa are the best options. The ZYX feels good, but is a little bit harder than the two mentioned before because of the dual layer. I only have the Hera Half Hip and I found it realistic, but difficult to use due to its size.

        If this toy is your FIRST toy, go with the ZYX. IF you had used toys before, go with either the Venus or the Ozawa – or both if you can!

        1. You answered my question about which is more realistic with an answer of Ozawa or venus clone is soft/very soft, but I have used the ozawa and zxy and some others. I see on your top choices for realism you have Chika eiro and virgin sister, are those really realistic as the those two above that you listed. I think that the venus clone gets sticky unlike meiki.

          1. I haven’t updated the lists on my Pages in more than a year – the lists do not include any of the toys I tested during 2015. At the time I wrote those lists, the Chika and the Virgin Sister were two of the most realistic toys I had used… I really need to sit down and update those pages!

            It is not surprising that the Venus gets sticky – the softer the TPE, the stickier they get. There are some meikis out there that you can throw to a wall and they will stick to it. Others simply attract dust like magnets.Every formula is different and has its pros and cons.

  5. I have the Venus Clone in Very Soft and love it. Would getting a Venus Real in VS be different enough to warrant the purchase?

    1. The sensations are completely different, so I would get the Real. Just remember that the Real has a much smoother texture than the Clone, so buying the Real in Very Soft feels a lot more delicate than the Clone.

  6. great reviews, I haven’t found where you recommend any particular lubricants. Can you give a list of your favorites for these toys or by texture compatibility.

    1. Thanks Randall. I haven’t recommended any particular lubricants because I tend to either make my own with Xantham Gum powder or I mix the different sample packs I get with the toys. In the post “Lube Rules” ( I do mention a couple of brands I had enjoyed:
      – Lube Company ( Very elastic and long lasting.
      – Tenga Real ( Feels like real vaginal fluids
      – Muoko: A thick medical lubricant that lasts forever even when diluted

      Hope that helps!

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