My Frolicon 2015 Experience – Day 2

NOTE: I published this post during the Frolicon weekend and decided to edit them after reading them aloud. Lesson learned – never publish anything while being drunk or high…

My first day at Frolicon was not bad. I learned a few new things about different kinks, met a couple of people, enjoyed a really good strip show, enjoyed watching girls getting off, got a free lap dance, and even got something more. I had great expectations for my second day!

Unfortunately, my second day was less eventful…

After the late night fun I got on Friday, I woke too late on Saturday to go to a class I wanted. My other options were playing Naked Cards Against Humanity or going to a class about the health risks you expose when practicing certain kinks. I have to say I chickened out of the Naked CAH, so instead of getting naked with a bunch of strangers, I went to the class. It was a really cool and funny presentation – considering most of us were still sleepy at 11:30 am.

My second class of the day was about how to use our senses to enhance physical pleasure in daily life experiences – selecting our clothes, eating, observing, etch – a skill that translates easily to the bedroom / dungeon / fuck place. This was an interesting class that maybe could have done different, but it was really interesting and fun.

After a long lunch break, I participated in a round table about sexual age-play. It is a very controversial kink that could be taboo among most people, but the dynamics of these relationships are so complex that even veteran kinksters have issues with them. The round table became a basic age play round table because most of us in attendance were either curious or inexperienced in age play. Thanks to the two experienced couples who help answering the sex-related questions.

After the age-play roundtable I felt my energy basically disappearing and my neuropathy acting out,  so I took a quick coffee break, talked with a few fellow Frolickers and went to the talent show. Big kudos to the furry playing the PanArt Hang (I knew I had seen that  “grill” somewhere!) who won the competition – that was FUCKING AMAZING!

Unfortunately, I could not enjoy the rest of the evening program because my neuropathy got worse and worse. The pain and numbing was bothering me enough to drop things I was holding, so I called it quits. After all, I had been forcing my body to work hard for three weeks before the convention and it was just passing the check on me. I missed the burlesque show, the costume contest and the Saturday parties, but there is always next year…

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