No more signature textures for Fleshlight Girls!

Yesterday, Fleshlight announced via Twitter that there were changes to their Fleshlight Girls line of toys. Every single loyal FLyer was waiting for the news. What was it? New porn stars? Lower prices? A “create your own porn star” option?

Try Again…

The answer came in an e-mail later. ILF is eliminating the signature texture from the Fleshlight Girls line. No more Stoya’s Destroya, or Misty’s Bump ‘n’ Grind, or Tori’s Torrid. Nope. After the current inventory is sold, the Girls will be available only with the Lotus (vaginal), Forbidden (anal), and Swallow (oral). The same standardization will affect the Flesh Jack Boys lineup. So bye bye to the signature textures from Fleshlight…

This announcement had raised lots of reactions in the Fleshlight Forum, with most people calling it a “WTF!” moment for ILF. Honestly, I hope that ILF keep these textures around to revamp their “classic” lineup. If they simply toss pieces of art like the Revel, Destroya, Barracuda, Torrid, and Twista to the archives then I will join the chorus of “WTF, Fleshlight, WTF!”

3 thoughts on “No more signature textures for Fleshlight Girls!”

  1. My guess is that the license period has come up and they don’t want to pay to renew. It’ll be an opportunity to relaunch with new people or a new concept.

    Some of the japanese companies seem to be doing pretty well by marketing on a generic fantasy (like the older-younger sister line) rather than a specific porn star. It definitely saves having to pay to use the star’s name and photos.

    1. The funny thing is that they are NOT eliminating the molds – just the signature textures. They are still appealing to the porn-star fantasy, just with a single set of internal textures.

      I see it more as a manufacturing simplification issue (having less SKUs)than a contractual problem with the stars.

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