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Sometimes I receive questions on the Comments sections that deserve their own answer posts. This comment from 4n0nym0us had so many questions in it that I decided to dedicate a post to answer them. His text is in bold italic font, mine in normal…

“Thank you very much, Casquetero, for your effort to put your opinions of all these toys together. It is defintely amongst the best sources for information on certain masturabtor on the web. Your blog was one of the deciding factors for me to buy Meiki Plush and Busty Aichan which basically changed my masturbation habits for the better.”

Thanks for the accolades. This is a hobby that had taken a life of its own and its great to read that it is improving peoples lives in one way or another.

“I own 2 fleshlights (Lotus and Twista) and the spider masturbator , basically a Korean fleshlight with very similar material but a more realistic texture plus a suction cap. All these are open-ended for easy cleaning and I’m happy with them except for the Lotus which was my first one and I could never fully enjoy). 

I have seen the Spider in Eden Fantasies, but with a price of $120, I did not find anything special about it to shell out that much money for a FL copy. Now that Fleshlight has their own shower mounts, I not even look at it! The Lotus is maybe the worst texture developed by Fleshlight – smooth, temperamental, and only fully enjoyable if you are hung like a Centaur – but I had been able to find a soft spot for it and enjoy what I can from it.

I am going to order several new several new fleshlight sleeves (Nipple Alley, Destroya, Bi-Hive, Dragon, Heavenly and probably EU Vortex). Mainly because I want to increase my stamina with the high intensity sleeves (rarely do I ever reach 20-30 minute long sessions) , I definitely need more variety and I love the easy maintenance. It’s about time to get new sensations as my Lotus is from early 2009 and even has a firmer and more pink-ish material compared to the Twista from late 2010 (I guess they used the same material composition as with the regular pink fleshlights and later shifted to a softer composition for the Girls line. Did you experience this also?)

That is an impressive selection… It has some intense textures (Nipple Alley, Destroya, Bi-Hive) and Dragon and Heavenly which are more mid-level in stimulation. The Vortex is a good variable texture, but remember that it has a long break-in period. I bought my first FLG on 2010, so I got them with the softer flesh color. Although ILF always keep saying that the material is exactly the same, the FLG line had always felt softer to me (and most users).

But now I also want to experience some more realistic Japanese sleeves that are closed for the suction effect. In particular Tomax’s sleeves. As I have the Busty-Aichan which is supposed to have the same succubus material for the outer layer, I want to know if the onahole sleeves also are a bit greasy and constantly “bleed” small amounts of oil. Or is this just due to the inner gel that make the breasts so soft? I’d have to wrap them with plastic bags every time I use them with the Meiki Plush. 

All these sleeves have that “bleeding” issue, even Fleshlights. The masturbators from ToMax suffer from the same problem, although it is easily controlled with some cornstarch over the material. The cornstarch will reduce the visible “bleeding”, but it is a commen issue with all toys made from elastomeric gels and even silicone.

Then there’s the problem of deciding which hardness to get..
Whats the equivalent in hardness level of (regular) Busty Aichan’s outer layer? The “Regular” I guess?
I’m mainly interested in the Venus Clone because of the thick walls, the nice upward arc of the tunnel, the dots (similar ones are also in the Spider) and the Lilith Uterus for the organic texture, the cervix and the supposedly great vacuum effect.

I guess I would buy them in different hardness levels to get some more variety for my collection and to get an overview of the material characteristics for possible future purchases from Tomaxx.

The hardness levels are like follows:
  • Hard – Very similar to toys from Toys Heart (Busty Nurse, 17 Evo, 17 Bordeaux)
  • Regular – Very similar to Fleshlights
  • Soft – Similar to Meiki XZY and Meiki Sarah
  • Very Soft – Similar to Meiki Maria Ozawa
I think the Busty’s exterior layer is regular firmness, but it would be my best guess. 

So I thought about getting the Lilith in soft for maximum realism and the Venus in hard to get the full effect of the dots and to train stamina (When using my preferred lube Rends Peace’s – which is rather thick but veeery long lasting – with the Spider I often can’t even feel the dots at all).

Can you still recommend these sleeve/hardness combinations to someone with – at present – rather poor stamina, or would you suggest otherwise. Maybe you have bought the same sleeves in different hardnesses in the meantime?

The problem is that I’m from Europe and there’s just one dealer (Omochadreams) for those products. Tomax’s stuff costs literally double the price (!!) than in the US. So trying out Succubus in all three hardness levels is not an option (too expensive and those sleeves don’t appeal to me). 

I would get the least stimulating texture in the regular while the most stimulant in the soft / very soft – but I have a good stamina. I recently tried the Clone in the very soft firmness level and it felt extremely real when placed in the Meiki Plush doll. But the very soft is not for everyone – specially if you want to experience intensity.

Your plan seems to be a good one to develop stamina, specially with the high cost of Tomax products in Europe. Just remember to thin your favorite lube when using the Lillith Uterus because the texture is very subtle, so you need a rather thin lube to feel it. The Clone in the Hard firmness levels sounds like a lot of fun trying to hold that load! 

Have you ever heard about or tried the “Tong-Ggo” ? Pretty curious about that as I have heard only positive reviews about that anal onahole which seems to be far superior that the Fleshlight Forbidden. Maybe something to add on your RPP list if you’re interested.

You are the third person who mentions the Tong-Ggo in the last weeks. I haven’t tried it yet… and to be honest, I haven’t considered it for the simple reason it is a ribbed texture and all the reviews I have read compare it with the Forbidden – which is a smooth texture. Comparing these two toys is unfair unless you compare them to real anal sex… and I had never been a big fan of it.

Still, I am starting to get curious about the Tong-Ggo. Don’t be surprised that I add it to the RPP in a few months!

Thanks in advance for your help and keep the reviews coming! 


No hay problema! There are more reviews coming, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi
    I apologize – this is probably not the right place to ask this question – I purchased a Bolo Male masturbator some time ago on Ebay and it has finally died. Now I cannot find one for sale ANYWHERE. Do you have any idea where I could find another one? Thank you

    1. Apparently they shut down their website ( Maybe they went bankrupt after their clients realize the $50 toy was nothing but parts of a cheap seat massage pad.

      You can make an improved Bolo by buying a $20 chair massage pad, removing the vibrators from the pad and gluing some elastic bandages on them.

  2. Can you explain more about hardness level? Do you mean it by the stiffness? I do have Maria and onahole. I feel the material are the same smoothness. I do hope Maria had outer case like FL, maybe it will feel differently and more intense. I do like intense stuff.

    1. The hardness level is the stiffness of the material. Usually, the softer the material, the more flexible it is and the more delicate you will feel the texture. The Maria Osawa Meiki is often said to be like fucking a cloud – soft and not too intense.

      I don’t know which onahole you are referring to, but they come in different materials and with different textures.

  3. I can recommend Rend’s Peaces, too. It’s quite thick but you just need minimal amounts and it keeps your friend lubed for a much longer time because it doesn’t really dry on your skin like thinner lubes. When using thinner lubes I usually have to “re-activate” the lube with minimal amounts of water every 5-10 mins or I#ll get too much friction or stickyness
    My tip: Use a small aerosol can to produce a small spray of water which should be enough for reactivation.


    1. Good to know about different lube brands. I am using different commercial brands right now – Silky, Gun Oil H2O, Moisty, and even Muko, which is a medical lubricant jelly. Still my favorite lube is the homemade Xantham Gum mix…

  4. @ Cas
    For my next purchase I have the Lilith Uterus in mind as well as the Sujiman Kupa Roa. I do have the Meiki Sarah, even the feeling is superb I need something similar but less intense. Do you think that the Sujiman or the Lilith Uterus has a hugging feeling s.t. do not only stimulate the top of the penis (like the succubus wavy)?
    @Robbie: Try out some Japanese Lotions (e.g. Peace by Rends). They are not only cheaper (you need less) but also more suitable for Mastubators (slippiness last longer).

    1. I have read in the Toy Demon forums that the Sujiman Kupa Roa is basically a scaled version of meiki Sarah in looks and texture. If adding something less intense, the Uterus should be your choice.

      The “hugging” sensation will depend on the softness of the material and the diameter of the canal. The Uterus has a few “choke points”, so it ensures to hug the penis at various points.

  5. Would you recommend a thick lube like KY Jelly? Because I’ve used Gun Oil and Astroglide and they both run right through the Fleshlight.

    1. I only use jelly lubes with smooth textures like the FL Original or Lotus. The “thicker” the lubricant, the more it “kills” the sensations, so it is not a good match.

      Most Japanese “lotions” are in the intermediate range, resembling the natural human lubrication.

      I’m trying to record a short video comparing a few different lubes, but man, time has been tight in the last few weeks!

    2. I would love to see that comparison video, when you have time to make it. I went through your blog and noted the lubes you mentioned:

      Fleshlube – almost all reviews!
      Rend’s Peace – your favorite
      Gun Oil – thin
      Honey Lotion – thick
      TOMAX Silky Lube – good medium

      I am very interested about these because my local shops don’t carry many. I understand the basic differences and I will have to order a variety from the internet to experience them. Still, your thoughts would be much appreciated. 😀

    3. I had used lots of Gun Oil and Fleshlube because I had a whole collection of the samples sent with Fleshlights. I still have a few Gun Oil new bottles around…

      Rend’s Peace is the favorite of one of our readers, but I have never used it. My personal favorite is xantham gum. You mix it at home and can prepare it at different thickness levels. The bad part is that it only lasts 2-3 days before fermenting…

      I’ll try to shoot the videos during Spring Break – travel plans went sour, so I will play with my toys…

  6. Robbie, I think you do ILF injustice. I have to agree that the Lotus is a poor design but Fleshlights have their own right to exist. They are not supposed to have extremely realistic textures, thats what meikis are for. They are intended to give a pleasant and intense stimulation which you can not get with real sex. Good to increase stamina for example.
    Their main advantages which makes FL superior to any other masturbator sleeves out there are the extreme ease of use (because of the case) and maintenance (because of the open end.). Show me one masturbator that is easier to clean and to use as a stroker with your hands. Japanese toys usually don’t come with cases.
    Then there’s a huge variety in textures. Anybody would find something that suits his taste.
    I hope that ILF will always stick to their “unnatural symetrical textures” in that regard.

    So your comparison of meikis and fleshlights isn’t really valid. It’s more like comparing potatoes to apples. Both are very good but completely different things.

    On a side note: I never had problems with lube running out of the open end of the sleeve. Maybe you’re using too much or the wrong lube.
    My problem always was that the lubricant dries to fast on my skin which required re-lubrication every few minutes. This was untill I switched to higher quality, thicker lube.


    1. Guys, guys, calm down…

      I agree that comparing Fleshlights with Meikis is wanting to compare apples and oranges. The PURPOSE of the meikis (and most Asian toys) is reproducing the sensations we experience during sex. Fleshlights (and most US / European toys) are designed to make you cum as fast as possible.

      As you know, I write about toys I have used… That means that I have more than 100 toys in my collection. Personally, I switch between toy types every week depending on what I want to feel.

      That said, I hope that ILF develop different manufacturing techniques to allow them to design more natural textures. With increasing competition from Asian companies like Magic Eyes and EXE, Fleshlights could easily become a thing of the past…

      Meanwhile, keep enjoying your toys…

  7. I would love to see a review of the Soloflesh. It is the first American made sex toy I have seen that features the closed canal and natural texture like a Meiki, though you first have to fill it with water or air to collapse the canal. Perhaps it will force Fleshlight to move away from their unnatural symmetrical texture designs. They got the right idea with the soft material, but they are rapidly being left behind in the texture department.

  8. The Lotus is the worst texture ILF has made. Very hard to get the proper lube amount, and then it all runs out the very back resulting in that ultra tight entrance becoming dry and uncomfortable. The Meikis are an ingenious design with their closed ends so the lube stays in the toy. Comparing Fleshlight to Meiki is like comparing the Wright Brothers’ airplane to a modern jet.

  9. Thank you for your answers!

    1) At this point I wouldn’t recommend the spider to anyone that has experience with other masturbators. Especially since Fleshlight answered with their Shower Mount. The only reasons for me to buy it, was the suction cup and the fact that it was reasonable priced at its release with about 70€ (~95$),the same as a Fleshlight without sale bonus. Now it costs 100€ which is waaay overpriced. Had I known that Fleshlight is going the same way I hadn’t bought it. But don’t get me wrong. It’s still a very nice toy, right on par with the Fleshlight, just too expensive. It is even possible to use Fleshlight’s sleeves with Spider’s case. I have shortened my fleshies by 1,5 inches which allows me to do that and it also makes turning them inside out for cleaning easier. (I think that everybody will agree with me that no man needs such long masturbator sleeves as FL makes them…)
    I have to say, though that it one is quite nice as a first buy masturbator for guys that want to get into these toys. If this had been my first toy instead of the Lotus, it wouldn’t have taken me soo long to get more sleeves…

    2) Fleshlight materials: I guess they still tell the truth. The material always has the same components but I think they change the ratio of the components which makes it softer. It should be the same with the Ice sleeves, which are of the same material but lack color components. Some people claim that this makes them insanely sticky compared to colored sleeves.

    3) “Bleeding”: I have to disagree on that. My three sleeves (spider + 2 fleshlights) never had this bleeding issue. At least not to such an extent that I would notice it. Compared to that the bleeding of Busty Aichan is extreme. Everytime I touch them my hands are completely greasy and I have to wash my hands immediately with soap. Considering that mine is still brand new and corn starch does help a little and expecting that this will go away with more use, I don’t view it as negative point. Just wanted to know if this is caused by the Succubus material or the inner gel.

    ~ 4n0nym0us

    1. About the “bleeding” issue, I checked a previous conversation I had with the seller of the AiChans here in the US and it has to do with the softness of the material. The softer the elastomeric, the more “bleeding” you will notice. It decreases with time and conditioning, but it will continue for a while…

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