RPP 3.0 #35: FleshJack’s Marvel (Marcus Mojo) (RPP #87)

So the first Rubber Pussy Project review of 2013 is about… a guy’s asshole! OK, I admit this is not the first time I fuck a “guy’s ass” – that was the Bliss – but, it is just a rubber ass. This toy was released in mid 2012, but I decided to buy it during the Black Friday sales, so the review fell for 2013. Let see how the Marvel paid back my “sacrifice” of going to the other side…

General Description

The Marvel texture is the signature texture for Marcus Mojo, a hardcore gay porn star. I don’t give a crap about the model, but the texture had me interested since I saw it – a series of cones divided by wide rings of material. Just looking at it, the Marvel seems to be the lovechild of the Love Humps and the 69 Caliber because of the wide rings and the spacious chambers. The texture promised to be a low to medium intensity sleeve because of the wide chambers and the lack of nubs or other high-intensity parts.


Well, the Marvel really surprised me. The entrance was tighter than I expected and the rings were much more noticeable than in the Love Humps. Still, the Marvel is one of those sleeves on the mid stimulation level similar to the  Torrid and the Bookwoorm – it is not too aggressive, but keeps you interested at all times, allowing to build up a massive orgasm.

As a stroker, the rings felt tight around my penis while the chambers allowed my penis head to expand and get ready for the next pressing ring. The sensations were like the ones from a slightly aggressive handjob (if I am going to compare them with anything). Using it with my Meiki Plush Doll (a.k.a “Lisi” in honor of a crush I had as a teenager), the Marvel became one of those Fleshlights perfect for edging and taking my sweet time during the lazy weekend mornings. I enjoyed hitting that ass, building a fat load until I could not hold any more. Orgasms were intense, both during the building process and during the ejaculation.

Cleaning the Marvel is as easy as cleaning other Fleshlights, needing only for you to flush the sleeve under running water. It dries pretty quick, ready to be stored after just 6 hours.


Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 3/5
Tightness: 4/5 
Tear and Wear: 5/5 
Hygiene: 5/5 
Maintenance: 5/5
Use: 5/5 

Value: High
Preference: Medium – High

Total score:  36 / 40


The Marvel is another good signature texture from the guys at Fleshlight / Fleshjack. It is a medium intensity toy perfect for edging or just to have long sessions. If you are avoiding the Fleshjack line because they are molded after gay porn stars, then you are missing many of the best textures available from ILF. Just imagine you are doing your favorite female porn star in her ass and you will have one of the best experiences available from the makers of Fleshlight / Fleshjack.


For this review, I used the lube from the Meiki 008 (very thick) and some Gun Oil H2O. Hands free sessions were with my Meiki Plush Doll.

Next: No idea…

4 thoughts on “RPP 3.0 #35: FleshJack’s Marvel (Marcus Mojo) (RPP #87)”

  1. The only thing that really makes it “male” vs. “female” or anything else is the exterior molding of the entry–or am I missing something? And even then, I’d think the visual difference between a guy’s ass and a girl’s is negligable at close view.

    On the one hand I admire Fleshlight’s marketing, but I think they’re putting a huge premium on the fantasy aspect of it. The real difference ends up being in the internals–the chambers and textures, and none of them appear to be truly modelled after a human’s.

    1. I agree with you – what makes the difference between “male” and “female” Fleshlights is the model. There is no visual difference in the ass mold, and of course, the fantasy aspect depends on the user.

      The signature textures are what makes these toys. Personally, I am not looking for realism, but for good sensations. In that sense, I have no problem with the premium.

    2. What I meant was that they’re trying to fuel the fantasy aspect that a particular model is really a guy’s ass, a girl’s ass, a girl’s pussy, or often a specific pornstar’s pussy; when in fact you could call it anything and it would be just as valid.

      To me they’re kind of missing the boat by putting such an emphasis on the fantasy and less on what’s really going on. I find your reviews, where you discuss the actual internals and how they really feel, to be far better than reviews I read elsewhere that mostly parrot the Fleshlight advertising prose.

      I suppose they figure people don’t want to think they’re fucking a lump of rubber with beads inside versus a lump of rubber with large chambers versus a lump of rubber with spirals. But I think it’s a better way of looking at it. Women’s dildos and vibes (especially) come in all kinds of whacky shapes and textures; there it’s an actual selling point.

    3. I got your point right away SaintC. My take on Fleshlight’s marketing is that they are playing both the porn-fantasy market (the “OMG, I’m fucking pornstar X hole!”) and the “I just want to have fun” market. It is a game that is making money for them, so they will milk that cow until the end…

      You and I seem to be on the “I just want to have fun” side of the market. I don’t care if they model Sasha Grey or Susan Boyle: if the texture looks cool, I’ll buy that Fleshlight!

      On the other hand, most Fleshlight reviews out there are precisely that – reproductions on the FL press material. With a few exceptions, most sex toy reviewers are women, so they get a FL and just copy/paste what they find on the FL website or try to expand on what their boyfriend / husband tells them.

      Here, I talk from experience…

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