Special discount for The Casquetero Files readers!

My friends at SiliDoll were so happy with my last review of heir landmark doll Sili that they authorized me to give my readers a special discount!

If you purchase any of the dolls using the PayPal Express checkout buttons in this post, you get an automatic $25 discount of the current price. Their dolls are on sale right now, so you get an extra $25 off the already discounted price!

To take advantage of the $25 discount, just click on the PayPal button under each doll. Discount is only valid HERE and it is valid until April 25, 2016… So hurry up!

NOTE: The $25 discount will be shown at checkout.

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2 thoughts on “Special discount for The Casquetero Files readers!”

  1. Oh man if only i wasn’t a university student with a really limited budget i wouldn’t think twice about getting one of those… I want really want to hear your opinion about this, i’m a young fellow, i’m 21 years old who has never experienced true “loneliness” despite being a single guy who has been rejected by countless girls… About my sexlife, since i’m bi-sexual i have had encounters with a girl and some femboys from the classified websites who found my cosplay fetish interesting… Now what i want to know is: should i be worried? you know, i feel weird when i think how i really haven’t dated anyone and how i’m losing interest in that by each passing year, am i too young to start thinking about going for a sexdoll instead of a real woman?

    Thank you for reading, also i keep on following your posts and reviews (from the shadows, as i don’t comment on them at all)

    1. Sorry to hear you are tight on the $$$ – I remember all the things I had to do to stretch money when I was in college…
      My answer to your questions really deserve a whole post. There are a few things there that worry me, not because they are weird, but because they are reflections of many, many misconceptions about sex dolls.
      Check the blog in the next few days for my answers…

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