The Doll Life

If you are a reader of this blog, you know I am a sex doll aficionado. I like to use dolls as part of my sex toy arsenal – hey, I have 35 of these things in my apartment – and I have reviewed most of my dolls in the blog during the past seven years. What I had never mentioned is how my life has been affected by having these toys in my living space…until now.


I have too many dolls – I know! My problem is that I tend to collect every thing I enjoy. In my 45 years of air addiction I have collected music, movies, games, and many other things. Currently, I collect dolls, guitars, and combat light sabers (oh yes, I am a nerd!).

Unlike the other stuff I have collected, sex dolls have a stigma on them, having a stronger effect on my life than my 3TB of music collection or the 2,000 DVDs I have in different containers. Having a light saber gets me labeled as a childish nerd; the sex dolls gets me labeled as a sexual pervert, a mentally ill guy, and even as a pedophile. The funny thing is, like I have mentioned before, my dolls have a better effect on my mind, my body, and my soul than the other stuff I have.

Notice that my dolls are possessions – they are things and I see them as things. They have names because a short name is a lot easier to remember and refer than their make and model. My dolls are not my girlfriends, they are my toys. They are not my wives, but I take care for them because they are expensive. They are not my lovers, but they had been on my bed on a nightly basis for the past five years. They are not substitutes for relationships, but I am constantly checking out for clothes and accessories to match their assigned “personalities”. They are not alive, but for an hour every night, they live in my imagination while I play with them.

Again, I am not delusional…these are inanimate objects. I do not date them, marry them, or talk to them. I take care of them because they are mine and I like to take care of my stuff regardless if it is my TV, my laptop, or my clothes.

In this section of the blog I am calling The Doll Life I will be sharing with you everything related to sex dolls. Purchases, reviews, reactions to articles and shows related to sex dolls and even my reflections about the hobby / lifestyle. The idea is for you, the “non-initiated”, to have a glimpse of the real life of a sex doll owner and not the bullshit you usually see or read on the media.

So, stay tuned and enjoy the view…

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