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If you are a reader of this blog, you know I am a sex doll aficionado. I like to use dolls as part of my sex toy arsenal – hey, I have 35 of these things in my apartment – and I have reviewed most of my dolls in the blog during the past seven years. What I had never mentioned is how my life has been affected by having these toys in my living space…until now.


I have too many dolls – I know! My problem is that I tend to collect every thing I enjoy. In my 45 years of air addiction I have collected music, movies, games, and many other things. Currently, I collect dolls, guitars, and combat light sabers (oh yes, I am a nerd!).

Unlike the other stuff I have collected, sex dolls have a stigma on them, having a stronger effect on my life than my 3TB of music collection or the 2,000 DVDs I have in different containers. Having a light saber gets me labeled as a childish nerd; the sex dolls gets me labeled as a sexual pervert, a mentally ill guy, and even as a pedophile. The funny thing is, like I have mentioned before, my dolls have a better effect on my mind, my body, and my soul than the other stuff I have.

Notice that my dolls are possessions – they are things and I see them as things. They have names because a short name is a lot easier to remember and refer than their make and model. My dolls are not my girlfriends, they are my toys. They are not my wives, but I take care for them because they are expensive. They are not my lovers, but they had been on my bed on a nightly basis for the past five years. They are not substitutes for relationships, but I am constantly checking out for clothes and accessories to match their assigned “personalities”. They are not alive, but for an hour every night, they live in my imagination while I play with them.

Again, I am not delusional…these are inanimate objects. I do not date them, marry them, or talk to them. I take care of them because they are mine and I like to take care of my stuff regardless if it is my TV, my laptop, or my clothes.

In this section of the blog I am calling The Doll Life I will be sharing with you everything related to sex dolls. Purchases, reviews, reactions to articles and shows related to sex dolls and even my reflections about the hobby / lifestyle. The idea is for you, the “non-initiated”, to have a glimpse of the real life of a sex doll owner and not the bullshit you usually see or read on the media.

So, stay tuned and enjoy the view…

2 thoughts on “The Doll Life”

  1. You have a great site and obviously a lot of expertise.

    I was wondering if you could advise me as I seek my next toy purchase.

    I own a Meiki Plush + Maria Ozawa + Busty Aichaan.

    But I do wish I didn’t have breasts separate from the body. It’s kind of a pain to rig (I use 1 or 2 nursing bras)

    I’m wondering if there’s a TORSO or short doll with removable head out there that can fit an onahole.
    A bonus would be if the doll comes with a hanging hook – I’ve seen this on a few dolls – because I often hang the doll with a bouncing bungy cord.

    Anyway, nothing beats the Busty Aichaan in feel but maybe I am willing to compromise if I can get *quality* breasts and body in one.
    Why won’t the makers of Busty Aichaan make a torso of the same feel? That would be ideal!!

    1. Thanks for the support – it is well appreciated!

      Unfortunately for you, most of the dolls in the market have either a fixed vagina or use their own insert design. None of the ones I have seen accepts a meiki-sized onahole.

      On the other hand, Tomax, the makers of the Ai-Chans got into the cloth doll market. They sell the Nui Doll, a torso very similar to the Meiki Plush – but you can add your favorite breast toy like the AiChans! Check my review for the Nui and check QueenCats video on how to modify the AiChans to use with the Nui doll. (

      Hope that helps!

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