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One of the most common questions I read on sex forums is “Does toy X feel real?” That is one of the most difficult questions to answer because sometimes the guy asking is a virgin and has nothing to compare the toys’ sensations. Also, it is a difficult question because each of us is different – the sensations, experiences, and memories we feel while using a sex toy are unique. A toy can make me remember a sexual experience or a fantasy with a woman, while to you, using the same toy reminds you of a cheese grater or fucking air.

Remember something: NO TOY FEELS EXACTLY AS A WOMAN. Having sex with a woman involves so many other inputs using your five senses. The way her skin feels, her perfume, the smell of her hair, the sounds she makes, the taste of her nipples (Damn! I’m getting horny!) The stimuli during real sex is so varied and abundant (if you know what you are doing), that it is unfair focusing it on the penis.

That said, since I had used so many toys in the past years, I will share with you the toys I found the most realistic. In this case, “realistic” means toys with a texture that feel close to the real thing – no extreme nubs, ribs, or unnaturally tight entries.

So, the TOP 10 REALISTIC TOYS I have reviewed are (in no particular order):

Vaginal Toys:

  • Meiki Virgin Sister Tight, soft and extremely detailed.
  • Premium Bitch Kurera Meiki quality, good sensations, and even includes a pair of panties… what you do with them is your business.
  • Fleshlight Tornado – Paired with the right lube, it feels just like a meaty pussy.
  • Venus Real – Available in three material firmness levels, all with a low stimulation texture
  • Lilith Uterus – Available in three firmness levels with a medium stimulation texture and a flexible cervix node.
  • Meiki Maria Ozawa – The first meiki on the market, and still one of the best!
  • You Cups’ Moaning Emily – This little toy is so realistic it vibrates and moans constantly. Personally, I prefer the clear realistic sleeve by itself, but the moaning also helps…
Oral Sex Toys:
Anal Sex Toys:
  • Tong Ggo – Simply, the best in the market.

Honorable Mentions

Again, this list is based in toys I have reviewed for the blog and it is a VERY, VERY subjective list. It is my personal opinion, so follow at your own risk…

If you find another toy that feels real, just post your comment. Maybe I feel like trying it and include it in future reviews!

4 thoughts on “Top Realistic Toys”

  1. I know this is a difficult question to answer but if you could pick only one toy… which one is THE most realistic (vagina) toy? Realism is the only factor I care about lol.

    I was thinking of getting a Fleshlight as that is easiest to buy in America. I heard there are two newer sleeves called Karma and Beyond that is supposedly the most realistic now.

    Also I was interested in silicone toys too like Bad Dragon. But since the material is firmer would this be a bad idea if I wanted something realistic?

    1. IMO the most realistic toy is the Real from Tomax. I haven’t tried the Fleshlights you mentioned so I will include it on my list. Bad Dragon is slightly firmer, but still feels good – specially if you pick the smaller sleeves.

  2. I have the tornado, venus real (very soft and soft), lilith uterus (very soft/soft and normal) and maria and ive gotta agree that theyre some of the most realistic toys I have, although ive kind of gone off fleshlights lately. Ive had the tong ggo and the bocca too in the past but I didnt like them that much, too much stimulation for me although I think I do have a pretty sensitive dick.

    You ever tried the Nen Maku? I think its my current favourite, it feels a lot like the venus real but its tighter and the material doesnt stick together like my tomax toys do. I really like the lips on it too but thats just a bonus.

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