20 Things Women Do Not Know About Men

20) We cannot see the woman we love in tears.

19) When we give you a gift like flowers, chocolates, or any other thing without an apparent reason is because you are the perfect woman (or at least we see you that way).

18) We use romantic songs to let know things we cannot express for ourselves.

17) When we tell you “You are beautiful”, “You look great”, “WOW!”, we really mean it.

16) If we look at you in a really intense way, we are going through a lot of shit. Leave us be.

15) Stop talking about Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or other men in front of me. Hey, you won’t like me talking about how hot are Halle Berry, JLo, and Scarlett Johansson in front of you, right?

14) Allow me to be a gentleman. Don’t get pissed if I open your door, allow me to pay if I invited you out, and allow me to put my jacket on your shoulders if you are cold. We enjoy doing that kind of stuff! Jut say thanks…

13) We get pissed and we are repulsed when we see a woman with a guy that does not deserve her.

12) We are sarcastic by nature. Don’t take it personally!

11) We suffer more than women when we love…We simply don’t show it.

10) If you see us crying for a woman, we are suffering way too much

9) When you fight with us and kick us out, we are thinking on how to fix the situation and coming back.

8) Saying “I love you” is difficult for us… When we say it, we really mean it!

7) When a woman kisses us with real passion, we melt.

6) When we love, we love forever.

5) We don’t mind you talking with other guys. We don’t mind your male friends. But we get totally pissed if you treat them better than you treat us!

4) Stop trying to change me! I will wear that shirt you brought as a gift, but please, allow me to buy my own shit!

3) I was nursing an epic hangover during our wedding, so I don’t remember when we married. Don’t ask me to remember our anniversary… or any other date for that matter!

2) We don’t like totally drunk girls. There is nothing sexy about a drunk puking on your lap while giving a blow job. We prefer them “slightly buzzed”…

1) Come on, smile… WE GO CRAZY FOR A WOMAN’S SMILE!

Modified from unpincheblog.com.