2017 in Review…

By this time of the year, I am usually looking back at my reviews and selecting the Top 10 toys of the year, recommending them for purchase. This year is going to be different…

In 2017 I neglected the blog. Instead of the usual 50 – 60 toy reviews I did in the past years, in 2017 I only did 10 reviews…10 FUCKING REVIEWS!!!! That is a shame for a sex toy reviewer, but I had good reasons…



I started the year being blocked in social media by a couple of “fellow sex bloggers” due to my opinion on a copy for a sex doll. I wrote FYI to remind them that diversity means difference – and that I am different from them. Not better or worse, but different due to my ethnicity, age, and nationality. Maybe it fell in deaf ears, but I had to say it.

I continued with an ode to my favorite anime hotties, which now include DBS Android 18, Caulifla, and Kale. The review of the Muse Kokalo (one of my favorite toys), and the introduction of my failed parody of Donald Trump closed January.

Sir, a parody of you is beyond my talents…


February was the most productive review month. I did the crazy Hesokan Navel Fucker, the nice Muni’s Yawamande Shiyo, the Fifi Furfi (perfect for colder months), and the Fifi Dominator. I felt I was right on track to achieve my goal of one weekly review for the blog…


Then my back and my job got in the way! I had to bring lots of work home and barely had time to have fun. The stress made some conditions to flare up – more on that later – and I could not review a single toy. I wrote a piece explaining why I purchase my toys – and that was it for March.

April – July

I can put these months together because I barely published anything during that time. My stressed, overworked body and soul took a brief rest while going to Frolicon in April and sharing great times with my friends from The Doll Forum at the TDF Meet in early May. I was tired and stiff when I went both activities, but enjoyed both to the max, even when the weather did not cooperate!

In May, I was able to sneak in the review for another of my favorites, the Rends’ Cyclone Cup. This is an unique toy – expensive, but good! In June, I shared with you some of my health issues and my intentions to press the RESET button, but I had to hold pressing it until next year’s summer due to some legal reasons. I am still working the stressful job, barely have time for anything – and my conditions seem to be worse than I expected in June. Currently I am taking exactly the same medication MY PARENTS are taking for pain management. FYI, my parents are 70 years old and both had been receiving disability benefits for at least 15 years…and my conditions are worse than theirs!

Just like I felt when I realized it…

In July, made a colossal fuck-up when I opened a GoFundMe campaign to purchase Ruby13, a sex doll manufacturing operation. The campaign was misunderstood and the other possible ways to get funding failed, so I desisted and shut down the campaign. I returned all the donations received by September – as promised on the campaign. Luckily, Ruby 13 recently found an investor and they have an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money for future models.


I went to visit my family in Puerto Rico during July and August and I returned with a new section for the blog: The Doll Life.  My first article had to do with the myths and stereotypes about sex dolls and their owners. I also squeezed the review for the Apollo GRIP, a low cost toy that performed really well.


In September I published The Doll Life #2 about the infamous sex robots and did the review of one of my top recommendations for 2017 – the Cyclone Vorze.

Also, by the end of September, hurricane Maria affected my homeland (PR), and since then, I have been donating my affiliate income to different causes in Puerto Rico. Thanks to all of you, I have been able to send around $500 to organizations like the Red Cross and individuals who lost everything in the storm (two of my neighbors in Puerto Rico lost their homes). In their behalf, I say THANKS to all of you who have contributed in one way or another!


October was a rough month for me… My conditions were going berserk with stress and the meds, so I could not do any product review. I managed to publish my review on the NY Sex Expo and another article on the Doll Life about why women often do not like their “man” to use sex toys. That was all I could do…


November started with a surprise: I was picked as one of the Top 10 Blogs By Men / For Men by Kinkly! It was a surprise because as you can see, I am a “heel” sex blogger, but apparently there is not enough competition, so they had to include my blog…

The guys from Wicked Sensual Care sent me their seasonal Peppermint Cocoa flavored lube. I am not a big fan of flavored lubes, but this brand opened my eyes, so expect to see a couple of similar reviews in 2018.

In November I added another section to the blog called My Way. This section is for me to talk about relationships and life style from the my personal style of MGTOW. It is another window to my personal life and why I have chosen to live the way I do.


For this month, I closed the season with a Fleshlight double header: the Turbo Ignition and the Turbo Thrust. They are maybe the best attempt made by Fleshlight to reproduce the sensations you get during oral sex – still short of some Asian attempts, but not bad at all!

That is my summary for 2017. Not much done, but I expect to do better in 2018 – so stay tuned!

I will take a break during the Holidays to organize my life and set up the program for the next year. I will be sharing with all of you the plans for Season 8 of The Casquetero Files after Christmas Day, but until then…