2020 In Review – And What To Expect In 2021…

Alright, so we survived 2020! We all know the year that just ended was a literal dumpster fire – earthquakes, Covid, lockdowns, elections… You name some bullshit, and it happened to someone somewhere during 2020!

We all know it was a dumpster fire, a shit show, a motherfucking waste of time… I WANT A REFUND!

Like many of you, I was affected by 2020. I barely wrote 14 reviews last year. It was a TOUGH year, specially with my health conditions having constant flare-ups and complications and working together with the Covid 19 restrictions to not only fuck my plans, but my work schedule and with it my income, my credit, and my mental health. Even now, I have to limit my computer use to avoid worsening my conditions and see how the new medications mess up my energy levels… but hey, I still have plans for this blog!

2020 in Review

As said, I did just a handful of reviews last year. Although I tried a handful of toys, I could not write as many reviews as I planned. From those toys I DID review in this blog, these are my Top 5 (in no specific order of preference):

  • Valentina Girls Bambina – I reviewed this cloth doll in March after taking her to a training trip in Texas before the pandemic started. The doll herself is just an empty shell you fill with whatever material you want – poly fibers, clothes, foam beads, or like I did during my trip, even trash bags. She currently is filled with standard poly fill, and she is still very fun to play, specially in those cold winter nights…
  • Eden Fantasies Beaded Mini Plug – I reviewed this toy as part of the bunch of anal / prostate toys I reviewed in September. It is a small toy, easy to insert, easy to clean, and packing lots of sensations once inserted. Excellent for those exploring anal play!
  • Angelic Dolls – I am not a lolicon, but the state of my body sometimes does not allow me to play with a 65 lbs doll. That is where these small and light girls come to play – and they are super fun to hide in your luggage whenever you are traveling. I reviewed both the sleeping and the sitting versions of this doll back in February and they have become my favorites when I am in pain.
  • Pornstar Signature Gangbang Edition – Oh yes, the classic masturbation sleeve! Fleshlight is the heavyweight champion of the category, but that does not mean challengers wont stop trying to get the title. Pornstar Signatures devised a clever way to hit them with the Gangbang Set – 5 different porn star inspired sleeves for a relatively low price, plus a subscription to a website to download their movies. I did not care about the movies, (you know, Porn Hub exist!), but the sleeves are fire! I enjoyed them in July and they are still in rotation!
  • Tantaly’s Scarlett – Talking about toys in rotation, the Scarlett mini torso from Tantaly has stayed in my circle of toys since I reviewed her. Weighting a nice 15 pounds, Scarlett has two holes of pure fun and a nice pair of titties to enjoy on lazy, medication-induced sessions. I have been grabbing that little ass since September and still don’t get tired of it…

The Unreviewed Toys

Although I reviewed only 14 sets of toys, the reality is that there were many other toys I enjoyed through the year that unfortunately could not write the reviews due to health issues. Those toys from AINI Dolls, Loma Toys, Tabutoys, BestVibe, and others WILL BE REVIEWED in 2021 and in fact, I AM NOT ACCEPTING toys for review until I publish those reviews. My health is not getting better, so I have to pace myself in all aspects of life – including working and playing schedules (more on that later).

What to expect in 2021?

Between January and March, expect to see the reviews owed to the companies mentioned above as well as reviews for other long overdue reviews for my Dekunoboo dolls, some Fleshlights, and many, many Japanese toys from the usual suspects.

Also, expect new designs on our merch store and upcoming videos in both BitChute and PornHub… among other things!

That said, I will be writing another article about my health issues and my specific plans for the blog in the upcoming weeks after I solve some issues.

In the meantime, have a Happy 2021!