2021 in Review / 2022 Goals

Hello my friends!

2021 is on the rear view mirror and yes, it sucked – and not in the good way! Like most people, I was indirectly affected by COVID due to travel restrictions, conventions cancellations, being broke, and of course, the vax mandates. Not only COVID was fucking my life, but I also had the issue of my conditions getting worse throughout the year, requiring more medical treatments, more medication, and by result, I had to deal with stronger side effects like sleepiness and fatigue. Add the fact that the few hours I was not dizzy, in pain, or slept, I had to work as an online tutor, in a medical appointment, or on the phone dealing with our government agencies to deal with the COVID policies effects on my life. I had no energy left to sit down and write sex toy reviews… until later in the year!

It’s hard and up again! Hip, hip, hurrah!

What happened that I started to write some reviews? Well, I finally solved most of the COVID-related financial issues in November, was disabled to work in early December, and finally got my conditions to stabilize for a while after getting money to change my bed (you know, my “testing area”) as well as getting a new desk chair that helps my fucked up back. I also was able to take a couple of weeks off from the tutoring from December when I visited my family after 2 years of not seeing them. I disconnected from the Internet, my cell phone, and focused on recharging my energies for the new year – forgetting all the bullshit from 2020 and 2021 because as I said earlier, they sucked!

That said, we are now in 2022 and Omicron aside, I am ready to tackle it! I am back from visiting my family, I am well rested, my disability money is flowing, and I received my pandemic assistance (half is already spent, but that is a different story), so now I can think about “dancing with myself” and write some of my experiences here, so lets see what are my goals as El Casque for this Year of the Omicron Lord 2022!

Write at least 24 reviews

I know, I know – I wrote the same shit last year. The intention was there, but my spine conditions and my carpal tunnel had different plans. Fortunately, I bought a new ergonomic char, a new mattress and my spine is doing a lot better, so I can finally spend more than 1 hour sitting down and typing. With those limitations gone, I can spend some time writing the reviews, so I designed a schedule that in theory will allow me to write at least 24 reviews through the year. Expect the usual mix of toys, dolls, and some kinky shit in the mix for this year!

Write at least 12 articles

The same crap that did not allow me to write reviews, did not allow me to write at all. Obviously, that included writing some articles about conventions (canceled or unable to go to the ones being held), personal stuff, and others. The goal for 2022 is to write at least one article per month – and I already have some of the topics. This is the article for January, February will see an article about MGTOW, and another about the best dolls in my collection. March will have an article about the wacky Japanese toys, April will have at least an article about parody toys (or porn movies), May will have some articles about kinks, and June will have something about inflatable toys. Have not gone beyond those, but eventually I will have articles about the best toys I have tested in the 12 years of the blog, and maybe something about conventions – although I have not decided which conventions I will try to go besides Frolicon 2022.

Go to at least 1 sex convention

Speaking of conventions, 2020 and 2021 were a disasters for conventions. COVID screwed all conventions in 2020 and in 2021, my economic situation and vaccination status (my doctor did not recommend taking any of the vaccines until November) did not allow me to visit the sex conventions that were not canceled. Going to either Frolicon (Atlanta) or Exxxotica (various cities) was not an option and the only one in my backyard was canceled due to COVID. In 2022, the goal is to attend at least one of those conventions and my preference is Frolicon. I am also thinking of going to more local kink-related activities and groups, but that will depend on disability and cost constraints.

Celebrate the blog’s anniversary

Believe it or not, The Casquetero Files turned 10 in 2020! Obviously, with all the bullshit going around, I could not celebrate the anniversary and last year was a total and complete mess to even think about it. Now it is different and I plan to celebrate the 12 years of the blog with some giveaways – one item every month to a lucky reader, patron, or social media follower. The item can be merch from The Casque store, sex toys, lube, or something similar. Stay tuned to the blog and my social media channels to learn how to participate in the monthly giveaways!

Post video reviews (again)

I stopped making video reviews years ago simply because it was a waste of time. I still think it is, but I kind of feel giving it another try. The difference now is that the videos will be in different platforms – including PornHub. Stay tuned to the blog and my Twitter account to learn about the different video platforms I plan to use!

Well, those are the goals for this new year. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish my goals and take you guys in a wild ride this year…

See you later!