A quick review of 3 dolls…

Doing the Spring cleaning, I realized that I had been using a few dolls I haven’t reviewed here, so there are three quick reviews of these dollies.

Doll #1: Candy8Teen “Kimberly” (a.k.a. The Schoolgirl)

I got this doll in December when Candy8Teen put on sale. This doll is small – just 42 inches tall from head to toe – and light, weighting about 5 pounds. Even with that small size, the friends at C18 made this small lady all woman, so no one can say it is based on a child. “Kimberly” has a full developed figure, with maybe the best breast / ass combination of the C18 current doll models. Her face is cartoonish, since it was originally designed to be C18’s “anime” doll, but she ended looking more similar to Jessica Rabbit than any Japanese anime girl.

“She looks cool, but what about sex?” Well, the guys at C18 made her for sex. She only has vaginal capability, but the tight entrance feels so lifelike, that the Kimberly will be your “call girl” for those lazy mornings when you wake with a stiff… neck. Like all C18 dolls, Kimberly has a foam core covered with a proprietary silicone / urethane blend, meaning she feels lifelike to the touch. Unlike her C18 sisters, Kimberly’s eyes are painted with acrylic paint, so expect the eyes and makeup to peel or fade after a few months. Still, she is a perfect entry into any sex doll collection.

Doll #2: Custom Oral Mannequin with flexible plush body.
Sandra (C18 “Kimberly”) and Monica (custom doll)

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE blowjobs. Sloppy, wet blowjobs early in the morning had been my favorites – and something that barely happened in my life. I tried to replicate that experience with the dolls having oral capabilities (Alexa and Rosa), but still the experience fell short of realism due to the material of the dolls. So, I kept looking for a good “head” from a doll. Looking around, I found this silicone mannequin head designed for oral sex in e-Bay and went for it right away.

This head, sold exclusively in e-Bay by novelleco, solved my problem. This head is made of cured silicone and comes with her “eyes” closed and with full makeup from the seller. He also includes a removable silicone tongue and a wig with the purchase.

I have to say that since I received this mannequin, I have had the best head in a long time. That said, using just the head was not good enough – I needed a body for that head. I placed it first on the re-purposed Halloween dummy I mentioned in another post, but the head was too heavy for it. Looking on e-Bay, I found this flexible dummy auction which seemed perfect for my new custom girl. The dummy is a plush body,  about 5’7″ with a heavy wire skeleton. It weights about 20 pounds and although it is NOT a love doll, it feels very similar to a Teddy Babe Deluxe at a fraction of the cost (about $140 including shipping). The hands are not flexible (and not too feminine), but I can live with them.

After a few minor modifications (such as adding a post to the head), now I have a new full size doll similar to the TBD but at a fifth of its price. Adding the cost of the oral head and the body, I spent $260 – way less than the $1,200 of the TBDs. Like Charlie Sheen says… WINNING!

Doll #3: Sophia’s Inked Doll
Sophia’s Inked doll (Photo: Blowmeupsexdolls.com

This is a first one for me… Two weeks ago, a friend on DollForum.com  posted that Pink Cherry.com, a sex store in Canada had the Sophia’s Inked inflatable doll for $48. This is an inflatable doll that usually has a price between $150 and $300 and it is a legendary doll for three reasons: 1) it has an attractive, realistic face, 2) it has a nice realistic body and 3) it has a good quality construction.

Although I am not a big fan of inflatable PVC dolls, this would be an exception. I had read so much about this doll, that I decided to take the plunge and buy one of these legendary ladies. After a few nights with “her” I understand why people like her so much. Sophia has nice proportions for an inflatable doll, with curves on the right places and three usable holes with added stimulation. All her holes are tight, so even with a small to average penis, she is hard to penetrate. So far, I had been able to fuck her sweet ass, since it is the widest entrance of the doll. Her vaginal insert has proven way too tight for me and I haven’t even tried her mouth (it is even tighter than her vaginal insert). If you like inflatable dolls, go right now to PinkCherry.com and see if the sale is still valid. You won’t regret buying her.