Answering another round of questions…

Well, I had been “free” the last two days thanks to Sandy and the mess she left in the NYC transportation system, so why not answering another round of questions from you guys? Lets go and kill some time!

Q: “Why you use company photos? Why don’t you take your own photos? Can you have videos on your site?” by Various

I could take my own photos for the reviews and film video reviews – if I had the time. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that: I have a full time job, assist to graduate school, and I’m trying to keep something that resembles a social life, so I don’t have a lot of free time. Both my job and my studies require me to work a few extra hours from home, so my free time is very, very short.

Normally, I test toys just before going to bed because I would masturbate at that time anyway to relieve stress and help me to sleep. I write my reviews during the weekend, often having one or two as drafts to publish later. If I had the time to take the photos or video, I would do it because I LOVE photography and video editing, but for now, I will keep taking the photos from our friends websites. Sorry guys! 🙁

Q: “Do you work for a sex toy store / seller?” – Various
NOPE! I don’t work for any sex store or sex toy seller. I work for the New York City government in a regular 8-hour day shift, sometimes add two or three additional hours at home (without pay). My only relationship with sex toy sellers is that I use their products and write reviews about them. That’s it!

Q: “Do you spend a lot of money on toys?” – Various
Way too much! In the past three years I have spent about $5,000 in toys (including the dolls, which are damn expensive). That is the equivalent of  about 715 beers I did not drink in the nearest bar or 385 cigarette packs I did not smoke. Well, I don’t drink or smoke, so I buy sex toys!

The good thing is that in the past few months a few companies had contacted me to review their products, so they send toys for free. Part of the agreement is that I always write MY HONEST OPINION about their products on my blog. Some of them had stopped sending me products, others had continued sending them their stuff. That is cool, because they save me money and keep my only vice, which is masturbation!  

Q: “Why do you have dolls and toys if you have a girl?” – J.K.
Very simple: I like variety. I have a partner since a few months ago, but she doesn’t live with me. In fact, we see each other about twice per month thanks to our careers. The toys help me to avoid making stupid decisions because I’m horny – and she totally understands that. So the toys are not a substitute for a girl – they are there to help me stay on check!

Q: “How do you pick the toys you review?” – Various
When the companies send me a toy, I have no choosing about it, but I decide which ones I review on my blog. Whether I buy them or  I receive them for free, these toys must be available in the US, they must catch my attention for some reason, and most importantly, they have to be designed for male use. Some companies had sent me dildos, vibrators, or other stuff designed for women. I use them on my girlfriend, give the review to the company and then my girl keeps them. So far her collection of toys has doubled since we are together… 

Q: “Which is the best masturbator?” – Various
The one that makes you cum and leave you happy.

In Puerto Rico we say that opinions are like belly buttons – everybody has one. Well, here we could say that opinions are like penises – we all have one. The toy that is my favorite could be total crap for you. If I say it is a meiki and you are a Fleshlight diehard, you are going to curse at me. If I say  it is a Fleshlight, then someone will say those are crap compared to Japanese toys. So since everybody has his own dick, follow its lead and find the best toy for YOU.

Well, that’s all for today. Please remember to donate time, money, or things to the people that lost their homes during Sandy. Anything we do to help someone is good karma!