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One of the great things about writing a blog is that readers ask questions on the comments area. Sometimes, answering these questions is easy – one or two lines would do – but often, there are questions that deserve longer answers, sometimes too long for a reply. So I have taken three of those questions and replied to them in a post. Lets start…

1. Which doll is better: the modified Aki or the Meiki Plush Doll? (Anonymous)

As I wrote in the reply, it is difficult to compare these two excellent dolls. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, the Aki is a clear air doll from Japan which I modified with a pair of Quty Tits (see the review here and the mods here) while the Meiki Doll is a plush torso sold by ToyDemon (see my review here). Personally, I prefer solid dolls because they provide some resistance when you use them and they feel more realistic to the touch. Now, inflatable dolls have their good points, specially when dealing with storage. If you have a busted back like me, an air babe is a great option – no weight to lift, no effort to move it around. So, which one is better? Well, it depends on your preferences and your masturbators. 

Both dolls have realistic measures, attractive curves, and excellent quality construction. If you want a doll that is easily stored when not used, then any of the clear Japanese ladies will do – Aki, Nana, Usahane, or Ren. All of these dolls accept small and medium sized masturbators (Toys Heart, Lilith, Succubus, etc) and can be dressed with your favorite clothes. If you want to feel like a porn star and shoot your “money shot” over her breasts or ass, cleaning is super easy – just wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel. They also are easy to modify with breasts masturbators like the Quty Tits by following the same procedure I used. Drawbacks? Air dolls are prone to develop puncture wounds, so be aware of any sharp object or abrasive surface. The price for your fantasies is about US$105 for the combo ($40 for the doll and  $65 for the Quty Tits).

On the other hand, if your masturbator collection includes a lot of larger masturbators like the Meikis and Fleshlights, the best option is the Meiki Doll. Yes, it costs twice as the Aki / Quty combo ($230), and money shots will be a pain in the ass to clean, but it will accommodate all your rubber pussies from the small ones to the huge Fleshlights. Storage is trickier – you will need a duffel bag or a closet to hide it – but if you live alone, it really does not matter. Also, any modification or repair requires at least having minimum sewing skills and equipent.

So, the best doll is the one that suits your budget, living arrangemments, and masturbator collection. Both the Aki and the Meiki are excellent options, so regardless which one you choose, you will enjoy it.

2. Which is the most realistic masturbator? (Various)

This is another of those difficult questions to answer. Why? Because “realistic” can mean anything you want it to mean. It can mean that its labia looks real. It can mean that the material feels like real flesh. It can mean that the texture feels like a real vagina feels. It can mean… well you get the idea. What is a “realistic” toy for me can be a total thud with you and vice-versa. For example, one of the most realistic toys in the market is the Meiki Maria Ozawa which a lot of people find too soft and not stimulating (I do not own a Maria Ozawa). Other guys will go 100% behind their trusted Fleshlight Vortex, which for me is the closest Fleshlight has gotten to a realistic texture (I haven’t ordered the Bookworm, which looks promising).

That said, in MY opinion, three of  the most realistic masturbators are the Venus Real, the Meiki ZXY, and the Meiki Chika Eiro. Their textures are very organic – no straight tunnels, no extreme nubs or ribs, and no teeth or unnatural structures. Their stimulation level varies from the low (Real) to the medium high level (ZXY). There are many toys that feel realistic – Succubus 2D Wave, Lilith Uterus, Monster Kakusei, Sujiman Kupa Roa (review pending), Satori (review pending), and even the much maligned Fleshlight Lotus and Original textures – that it is almost impossible to declare a single winner on the realistic toy. After all, real pussies are different from each other…

3. “I bought toy X and didn’t like it!” (Various)

I get this back on comments, emails and private messages all the time. The person reads one of my reviews, buys a toy I liked, then he doesn’t like it. (The good thing is that nobody had blamed me of his decision… yet!)

Well, there are a few things I need to say about this situation:

  • Give the toy a few tries. Toys and our penises need some time to get used to each other – the famous “break-in” period. When I review a toy, I make sure that I use it at least 3 times before I review it. Sometimes it has taken me more than 5 uses to make up an opinion about a toy. So, get to know your toy before dismissing it to the recycle bin. Use a different lube / lotion. Change the quantity of lubricant. Vary the speed of masturbation. All those factors can make the worst toy a cool one to play with. I could not appreciate my Fleshlight Vortex until after I used it 12 times!
  • Have toys of different types. Do you know what DGS is? If not go here. DGS happens whenever your penis gets used to the pressure from your hand – but a similar effect can happen when your penis gets used to a toy’s consistency or texture type. If you only use Fleshlights and suddenly change to a meiki, you will feel like fucking air because meikis are way softer and have a lower intensity than the Fleshies. If you are used to meikis and change to a Toys Heart toy, you will feel like fucking a sandpaper because the material used by ToysHeart is more rubbery and firm. You avoid that by having different toys with a variety of textures and firmness levels. Have a mix of realistic, smooth and highly intense toys and cycle them on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Be creative with your toys. Use two toys during the same session, alternating between them. Twist the toy, so your penis get different stimuli. Create games with them, like pumping to the beat of music or challenging yourself to last certain time before cumming. Sometimes being creative with a toy helps you to discover new things in them and make that toy you despise into your favorite. One example – my FL Maze. It is a weird texture, a hit-or-miss type. But when I had a dual toy session with the Maze and the Forbidden, I realized the Maze felt different. It was a hit. Now, whenever I use the Maze, I combine it with a smooth texture like the Forbidden or the Original, so I feel something completely different when I stick my penis in one of the toys.
  • Be gentle the first time. Like in real dates, if you go too rough on the first time, it won’t end well. If you are using a toy for the first time, be gentle with it. Apply more lubricant than usual to “cure” the inside and allow your penis to slide easier into a new toy. Go slow, so you can feel the texture. Enjoy the ride. 

Well, I have a few other questions I will leave to a future post.

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