Article: 10 Toys to Buy This Black Friday!

Alright, here we are again  – Thanksgiving weekend! That means turkey, cranberry sauce, all the fixings, and of course, the start of the Holiday Season…

As every year, our favorite vendors will have their Black Friday sales and with them, you will be able to buy excellent toys at dirt cheap prices. The question is “What should I buy?”, so today I am sharing with you what I think are the ten toys YOU should be looking out to buy this year’s Black Friday.

10 – Meiki Plush Doll / Meiki Plush Hip

Using your favorite toy hands free is a totally different experience and there is no better way to do it than using the Meiki Plush Doll. Available now in two versions – the original Plush Torso Doll and the new Plush Hip – these “holders” are perfect to enjoy your favorite rubber pussy (or ass). Able to fit all sizes of toys on the market – from the typical Japanese mid size onahole to the heavy weights like the Fleshlight and the ToMax Venus, the Meiki Plush Doll will change your “me time”.

Available at: TOY DEMON

9 –  Airi Himenakawa Air Doll

Lets say you don’t have the cash or the space for a solid doll but you still want to experience the hands-free sensations. Well, the Airi Himenakawa is perfect for you. This is a life size inflatable doll with huge breasts that allows you to use a wide variety of masturbator toys. Her price? Less than $35 (regular price).

Available at: TOY DEMON, Kanojo Toys

8- HEPS OTRIS System

I tried this toy this year – and I loved it! Perfect for travel, the OTRIS is a modular toy that gives you hundreds of options based on the order you place the seven different texture disks available.

Available at:

7- Fleshlight GO Surge

I haven’t published the review of this toy, but this is the perfect Fleshlight for those of us in the average penis department. The dimensions of the new GO series allows everyone with an average penis size to fully enjoy a Fleshlight and the Surge texture is a good balance between intensity and pleasure. My detailed review and video of the Surge will be out by the weekend, so have this toy on your wishlist for Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

Available at:

6- The Fifi

Simply the best travel toy I have used to date! Low cost, easy to pack, and customizable, this simple and elegant toy is a must have for any horny man on the road. Oh, and the sleeves are disposable, so no cleanup…

Available at:

5- Maria Ozawa Meiki

A classic toy that simply gets better with time. The original Meiki is still a benchmark of softness, realism, and orgasmic pleasure. Simple as that!

Available at: Toy Demon, CoolMaleSexToys, Kanojo Toys

4- 1 AM Anime Doll

So you like anime? Do you like life size dolls? Then the Anime doll from 1-AM USA is your best option to live the fantasy of making sweet love to that anime character you had jerked off furiously for years. With two heights to pick, a huge variety of wigs, eye designs, and three breast sizes to choose from, this is a toy you should have.

Available at : 1 AM USA

3 – La Bocca Della Verita

If you are like me, you love blow jobs – and cannot get them as much as you like… So another option is the realistic La Bocca della Verita. Including even a set of (plastic) teeth, La Bocca will help you to experience the bliss of a blow job for less than $50.

Available at: Toy DemonCoolMaleSexToys, Kanojo Toys

2- ZXY Meiki

If the Maria Ozawa is the Michael Jordan of meikis, the ZXY is its Scottie Pippen. With a double layer design that gives it more “bite”, the ZXY is still a favorite of meiki fans thanks to its realistic texture and its intensity.

Available at: Toy DemonCoolMaleSexToys, Kanojo Toys

1- Venus Clone (Super Soft)

You did not think for a second that I would leave out the only toy to get a perfect score on my reviews, did you? Tomax has an incredible product in the Venus series and the Clone in the Super Soft material is a dream come true. Put it as the insert in the Meiki Plush Doll, the Anime, or the Airi, and believe me, you will forget about the stress of the Holidays after the first fuck.

Available at: QueenCatAdultToys

 And remember…

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