Article: A Low Budget Solid Sex Doll

I often get an email or a comment with this question:

“Casque, I want a solid doll but I’m broke… Where can I buy a cheap one?”

Well, usually my answer is “Keep saving” because the cheapest solid sex dolls (full size) are at least $800. If you are willing to do it with a scaled down doll (between $300 to $2,000) or a torso (the Meiki Plush Doll is just below the $200) then you have a few options. If you want a full doll for less than $200, then your options are, well, very limited…

This is why I decided to share with you four different options of solid sex dolls you can get for $200 or less. I’m assuming that you have limited or no arts and crafts skills (like me), limited resources, and that saving at least $600 for an used Teddy Babe Deluxe will take you too long. Some of these options will require imagination, others will require some craftsmanship, but all are doable and can give you a decent result…

Option 1: Make one with household items (Cost: $0 – $70)

Alright, you are so broke your first option is to make one from household items. A few balloons, some duct tape, scissors, and a few stolen clothes from some known female (hope your sister won’t miss those shorts). After a few hours of hard work, sweat, and some ball swelling, you get this:

Even I find this sad…

If you have some talent, you maybe end with something like this:

Just slightly more humanoid looking…

Honestly, not a good result for all the work involved – and the $40 to $70 spent on tape and other parts. This is an option I wont even consider…

Verdict: HELL NO!

Option #2: Filling an inflatable doll (Cost: $20 – ?)

Another option is to buy an inflatable doll and filling it up with something like poly fiber stuffing like the one used in pillows. The fiber is easily purchased in most department / hobby stores, it is relatively cheap, and it won’t draw suspicion from anyone at the store. No matter which one you pick, the filler will cost you about $20 and you can have a nice shaped doll to have fun after maybe an hour of shoving fiber filling into it.

The advantage is that you probably already own the inflatable doll and you can turn her into a solid after it develops a leak. If you don’t have an inflatable doll, then add  the cost of the doll – a cheapo one from Pipedream ($20), a mid range one from California Exotics ($40), or a high-end inflatable like the Inked Sophia or the Isabella (above $100). If you are buying the doll, I would recommend getting one from the Love Body collection (around $40), the Airi Himekawa (around $35), or the classic Yumi (between $30 and $50).

Verdict: CAN BE FUN!

Option #3: Modifying a thrift plush doll. (Cost: $3 – $20)

OK, let say you don’t have an inflatable sex doll available or your budget is less than $20. If that is your case and you definitively want to hump something, go to your nearest thrift shop and look for the plush doll section…

Hey, don’t be quick to judge here… but as Teddy Love has proven, you don’t need to be a furry lover to love a furry plush. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to teddy bears or any other animal – nowadays almost every popular and fantasy character is made in plush doll. From M&Ms, to Simpsons, to Disney characters and many others, there is a plush doll waiting to be fucked by someone. (Rule 34 – NO EXCEPTIONS!)

For a sex doll, your best bet is to get a plush doll of at least  24 inches tall, which will work with small and even some midsize masturbators. For a larger toy like Bad Dragon’s pussies or Fleshlights, you will need a 36 – 48 inches tall doll. Then you proceed to make your new “lover” a strategically placed hole (SPH) or appendix (SPA) depending on your preferences. SPH’s don’t need too much sewing magic to be done – in some cases a sock can work perfectly with some badly done stitching…

I got this “pony” for just $3…
…and gave her a big SPH for my BD toys!

Besides that $3 purple horse I got at my local thrift shop, I got a Pikachu ($2.50), a Tinkerbell ($4), and a Esmeralda ($8). For less than $20, I got 4 “sex dolls” that even if they are potential childhood destroyers to anyone seeing me fucking the shit out of them, still are budget conscious hump pillows.

Pedobear is happy, very happy!

Verdict: CAN BE FUN!

Option #4: Modifying a mannequin (Up to $200)

OK, you don’t want to fuck a plush doll… but the thrift shop can also help you to find something else you can modify: a display mannequin.

This is an option that many, many guys that cannot afford the $4,000 to $10,000 for a silicone doll had used to get a full body, full size sex doll – myself included. This option can be relatively cheap, but can easily get out of budget due to the constant “improvements” / mods we do to the selected mannequin.

Used mannequins can be bought for as low as $10 (some scratches or missing parts), and depending on your creativity, you can add “soft parts” such as breasts, ass, vagina, and even an oral sex simulator. Adding those “upgrades” can easily shoot your budget to $500 if you are too creative. Also, the additions will require extensive handwork with plastic, epoxy, or fiberglass compounds, so if you are not good with these materials (like me), modifying a hard mannequin is not for you.

Because I don’t have the skills, tools, or space to make the modifications to a plastic or fiberglass body, I opted for soft bodied mannequins. I found these soft mannequins on E-bay (just search for poseable mannequins), and at prices around $100 per piece were within my budget and my modification abilities.

About 3 years ago, I bought two oral heads from a vendor called Novelleco. They are great, but they needed a body. I wanted something light, durable, and easy to modify – and these mannequins were perfect for the project. The mannequins are full sized (5’8″), light (25 pounds), and easy to repair and modify.

Maritza and Monica: “Las Mamonas”

These bodies are made of industrial canvas fabric filled with fiber (same one used in plush dolls and pillows), and are available in different shapes – thin male, guy with a belly, muscular guy, and female – all of them with a heavy gauge wire skeleton, plastic hands, and a foam head. The bodies are not too detailed, but they are light and easily customized. I made my first “low budget” dolls by inserting a solid support for the heads and then just replacing the foam heads with the silicone oral ones. Maritza and Monica (yes THAT Monica) were born… for around $200 each!

I had been playing with Monica and Maritza for three years now – without any incident to the bodies. In fact, I liked these bodies so much, I recently bought two more – another female and one male  for a flat chested female version. These new sex dolls will be floppy versions (I will remove the wire skeleton), and will have more feminine hands and cosmetology heads. The cost of each doll? Just $135 in average… I just received the bodies yesterday, and the hands and heads came from my trusted thrift shops (there are three of them close to my neighborhood). Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make or post a video this week – I’m leaving for vacations next week – but I will be posting something when I return from my trip in late August.

Verdict: IT IS A LOT OF FUN!

I hope this article helps at least a few of you, present and future doll enthusiasts.

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