Article: I am a MAN, not an animal!

Today I feel the need to say this loud and clear:


He had the right idea…

Why I need to scream this? Because I am sick and tired of bloggers, Youtubers, and forum participants of “correcting” me every time I mention that I review sex toys  for MEN. As soon I mention that, some moron comes out and  “corrects” me, telling me that I should say “male sex toys” instead.

I am sorry, but you are wrong… and even JFK knows it!

I don’t know if it is because Spanish is my first language, but I find the use of “male” and “females” when referring to humans completely disrespectful. In Spanish – and other languages – male and female refers only to the genitalia of the living being you are describing. It is how we describe animals – a male dog, a female horse, a male spider.

Every language on this planet has specific words to describe the ideas of adult human males and adult human females. Call it man / woman (English), hombre / mujer (Spanish), homme / femme (French), uomo / donna (Italian), o toko / josei (Japanese) – every language has a word to name the ideas of an ADULT HUMAN MALE / ADULT HUMAN FEMALE. When we use male and female instead of man and woman to describe humans, we are taking dehumanizing ourselves, we are saying we are nothing else than animals, nothing more than what we have between our legs.

I do not know about you, but I am not an animal.

Please refer to me as a MAN.

And I have the Dad Bod to prove it!

P.S. – Before any moron starts calling me “misogynist”, “woman hater”, and other bullshit, let me link a similar article written by the uber misogynist authors at and BuzzFeed… I am not the only one against this bullshit…