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Alright bitches… I’m baaack! I came back form my vacations with darker skin, a few extra pounds, and the wallet a lot lighter but with a smile on my face and ready to continue sharing my experiences in the fantastic world of sex toys.

If you read this blog, you know I like to use toys when I travel. I am not a globe trotter – hey, I have a regular job – but I travel at least three times every year and I need to “spit the venom” even if I am completely alone.

Now, travel can be a hassle, specially when you are traveling by air. You have to consider the TSA scanning, the cost of checking bags, and of course, the intellectual and maturity levels of some TSA and customs agents. Taking all that in consideration, I can give a few tips for traveling with toys tested in the past five years of toy usage.

 Tip #1: Avoid the obvious

When I travel, I avoid taking any toy that is an obvious sex toy. Fleshlights and Japanese meikis stay home in favor of head exciters, Tenga Flip Holes, and other toys that you really need to look closely to realize their function. Having one of these on your carry-on bags will baffle TSA agents, but not as much as finding a full size reproduction of a porn star’s vagina.

 Tip #2: Condoms, always pack some condoms

I have found that condoms are extremely versatile when traveling. Besides being the default safe sex protection method for guys, they can be used creatively while traveling. They can be used to simplify the cleaning of your toys on the road, they can help creating an emergency sex toy if your next door neighbors in the hotel are having loud sex, and believe it or not, they can be useful in other ways.

Why packing some? Although condoms are available in pharmacies, gas stations, and even in some vending machines, I had stayed in hotels where the closest store is miles away. Also, I had stayed in towns that are so conservative (in the USA), that no local store would sell you condoms because they are against God. So, I pack my own…

 Tip #3: Pack within the bags

I travel with two toiletry bags – one for the normal hygiene items, the other for my toys. By grouping them inside a bag, the scanners show a bunch of items of different materials, which is totally expected by TSA when scanning a bag. If anyone asks, I give the agent the choice of picking two options: the items are either sex toys or they are medical items I need due to a nerve condition. Either way, they had never asked me to open the toiletry bag.

 Tip #4: Remove the batteries, please

If you take vibrators with you, please remove the batteries when packing. If the toy does not have removable batteries, simply ensure the toy is completely discharged when packing. The last thing you need is a bunch of customs / TSA / police agents picking you at the gate because they noticed a humming sound coming out of your bags.

 Tip #5: Cheap, small, forgettable

When I take toys on the road, I usually take low cost toys with me. That way, I am not bothered if the toy gets confiscated, stolen or forgotten during my trip. My only exception to this is when I am traveling to my relatives’ home for more than two weeks because there I have to check bags and I know no one will steal them when I am away.

Tip #6: Be aware of the laws of your destination

Remember that sex toys can be totally legal in Anytown, USA, but they could be prohibited in your neighboring city. In other cases, explicit or ultra realistic sex toys could be illegal but abstract designs are allowed. Entering with anything sexually related is a serious crime in some countries – and I am talking some Western countries. Before packing anything besides condoms, check the laws of your destination… just in case.

Well, those are my tips on traveling with toys. I would like to read in the comment section if you had any experience when traveling with your toys.

Until the next one!

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