coming in July!

Yes, I finally decided to open an “official” website:

Since I am still in the design phase, the website will be up and running by mid July (hopefully) and will have the following:

  • Reviews grouped by toy type
  • Free e-books / minitutorials about sex toys and how to use them
  • Articles and other stuff I find interesting…
Why a website? Well, for starters it is a lot easier to keep “archives” on a website since I can control directly the organization of the site. Also, Blogger is implementing new rules for adult-themed blogs and I don’t want them to delete it due to a link. 
I plan to keep the blog mostly to comment on news or about new sex toys I see around.
If you have anything you would like to see on the website, let me know by commenting here, posting on Facebook or Tweeter. (Just remember – this is a hobby for me!)
Stay tuned!