Casquetero’s Day of the Apocalypse

December 21st came and went and no apocalypse or doomsday happened! Were the Maya wrong? Did they made a mistake? Were we trolled by an ancient Mesoamerican culture?

Something tells me we were trolled… That is the Aztec Calendar!

Trolled or not, your friendly neighbor The Casquetero had some plans for the end of the World. First of all it was my birthday, so I planned an epic party. If the world was going to end on MY DAY, then I would go with a bang!

So, last week I contacted my FWB and reminded her about the “special occasion”. We agreed on meeting on the 21st after we got out of our jobs, go to a restaurant, and later, I would enjoy my birthday gift…

I know the cake is a lie, but where is the red ribbon?

Well, the Maya missed the date for the end of the world, but they did try to fuck up my evening. My birthday present got sick with the damn flu – so no celebration for Friday. She wanted to fulfill her destiny and be sacrificed to the gods, but I could see she was not feeling well. Instead of going out that night and ending the evening with some doomsday sex, we ended eating some Korean BBQ takeout in her apartment, cuddled together while watching a chick flick on TV, ending the visit when the flu medicine began to kick in. I was resigned to spend my birthday night  alone, at home, fucking one of the dolls in the harem, feeling pissed on how things had turned, so I went to the subway station to go back to my apartment.

But Kukulcan (the Maya serpent god ) had another plans for The Casquetero! Arriving to the subway station, I got a call on my cell from one of my pals. He was in a club a few stops away and he remembered it was my birthday, so he called me. Right away, I took the subway and got there to meet with my pal and two unknown Luchadoras that kept us drinking and partying as if the world was going to end that night…

Purple Mask was ready for action! YES!!!

The world did not end on Friday, because I opened my eyes on the 22nd in an unknown place littered with empty tequila and rum bottles and a naked Luchadora lying next to me. As a perfect gentleman, I got my shit and left without saying a word. I don’t remember how I got home, but I surely survived the Apocalypse!

Bought to you by Patron, Don Q,  Bacardi, and Beyond Seven condoms.