RPP #218: Penthouse Pet Hands-Free Adjustable Dual Stroker (Misty Lovelace)

When I was growing up (back in the 1980’s / 1990’s), there were two names synonymous with high-end sexual content – Penthouse was one of them. The glossy magazines were a prized possession in my college dorm, and whoever was subscribed to it (usually with one of those free subscription packages found in campus) would […]

RPP 3.0 #17: Lilith Uterus (RPP #69)

General Description The Lilith Uterus has a tunnel texture similar to the Venus Real – an ultra realistic, low stimulation texture with lots of organic creases and nubs. The end of the tunnel is a dotted uterus, complete with a cervix, which can be used for additional suction or additional stimulation, depending on how deep […]