The RP Project #12: Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu

 First Impressions: As I wrote for the Kasuni’s review, “What’s not to like from Asian women?” This installment of the Rubber Pussy Project deals with a toy considered the Cadillac of Asian sex toys: the Zhang Xiao  Yu Meiki. “Meiki” is a Japanese word meaning “good pussy” and most meiki toys delivers. The Zhang Xiao […]

The RP Project #4: TENGA’s Flip Hole Black

And now, something completely different… The fourth review of the Rubber Pussy Project discuss something that doesn’t even looks like a pussy (or any other sexual organ): TENGA’s Flip Hole Black. This masturbator from the Japanese company TENGA can be considered revolutionary by its stylish exterior design, the fact of being part of the limited […]

RPP Review #1: Lotus Lager / Lady Lager SIAC (mini lotus)

NOTE: This toy was officially discontinued by Fleshlight in favor of the Flight and the Fleshlight GO. You can still get the SIACs in some sex shops or during special Fleshlight sales. So here is the first review from the Rubber Pussy Project (RPP) – the Lotus Lager  / Lady Lager SIAC. This masturbation sleeve […]