RPP 3.0 #29: Meiki Hibiki Ootsuki (Meiki 008) (RPP #81)

When I saw the ads for the newest meiki from NPG, the Meiki Hibiki Ootsuki (also known as Meiki 008), I exclaimed “What?! Another meiki?!” The reality is that even when meikis are supposed to replicate the sensations you can get from a real-life vagina, they can’t. After you use a few of these meikis, […]

The RP Project #12: Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu

 First Impressions: As I wrote for the Kasuni’s review, “What’s not to like from Asian women?” This installment of the Rubber Pussy Project deals with a toy considered the Cadillac of Asian sex toys: the Zhang Xiao  Yu Meiki. “Meiki” is a Japanese word meaning “good pussy” and most meiki toys delivers. The Zhang Xiao […]