RPP 3.5: YouCups’ Moaning Emily (RPP #118)

Rubber pussies are relatively easy to make – you just need a design, an orifice that remotely looks like a female vagina and voilá, you have a masturbator. The difficult part is improving the user experience – sounds, movement, pressure, sensations – the things that separate the real thing from a rubber pussy. Toy companies had […]

RPP 3.5: Premium Bitch Kurea (a.k.a. Premium Bitch Claire) (RPP #110)

Continuing with my search of good toys that are affordable, I found the Premium Bitch Series from NPG – the same company that brought you the Meiki Proof series. The Premium Bitch comes in three versions based on Tokyo gyaru girls- girls wearing very decorated nails, bleached hair, and heavy, dramatic makeup (just imagine Bronx Latinas […]