RPP #231: FondLove’s Blowjob Simulator

As you know, I have a love-hate relationship with vibration toys. With rare exceptions, they take me to the edge and then leave me there until they discharge or become too hot for comfort forcing me call Rosie Palms to finish me. If I wanted to work with my original sex toys (my hands), I WOULD NOT SPEND MONEY ON SEX TOYS! This toy in a way forced me to call Rosie, but for completely different reasons…

The Doll Life #12: Valentina Girls BAMBINA

In the previous The Doll Life, I introduced my Shalina Valentina doll – an interesting plush doll with very unique characteristics. Today I will introduce her “cousin” the Bambina Valentina, a doll with similar characteristics (three usable orifices, a big ass head) but this specific model is Valentina Girls “Travel” version. This is basically the […]