Talking about the web

After a few crazy weeks at work and a well deserved vacation, your friendly neighbor Casquetero is back! I haven’t had the chance of “enjoying” my collection as I wished, so instead of a review, today I’ll write about a few interesting websites I’ve found in the last few weeks. 1. This is a […]

The Rubber Pussy Project 2.0

When I was almost finishing the Original Rubber Pussy Project (or RPP 1.0), I realized that the ranking method although comprehensive, was too damn long. Writing each review took me forever and after all, most of the scores were really close. Since I have another batch of toys to review (Black Friday and Christmas sales […]

Review: Cobra Libre

One of my latest purchases was the now infamous Cobra Libre, a male vibrator made in Germany by Fun Factory. Unlike all other vibrating toys like the Fleshlight Vibro, the Cobra Libre only uses vibration to stimulate the penis’ head – you cannot fuck this toy, just let it take you to the finish line… […]