Dealing with DGS (“Death Grip Syndrome”)

The Death Grip Syndrome (DGS) is a condition happening when a man looses sensation on his penis after years of masturbation using his hand(s). It is not considered a real medical condition or cause of impotence, but the term has become of popular use. It becomes an issue when having sex with a partner because the man does not feel enough during intercourse or oral sex, resulting in either a loss of erection due to lack of sensations or the incapacity of the an to reach orgasm unless he is masturbating.

Why DGS happens?

When we masturbate by hand, we tend to pressure the penis. The main problem is that sexual organs cannot apply the same levels of pressure our hand can apply, so when we have sex with a partner, the penis does not receive the expected stimulation and the brain begins to raise red flags. “This is not what I want! This is not what I like!” When the brain begins to send those messages, then the man disengages mentally from the sexual relationship, forcing himself to finish by hand.

How do I know if I have DGS?

You maybe have DGS if you have noticed one or more of the following:

  • You don’t respond to subtle stimulation directly on your penis (caresses, kisses, soft blowjobs).
  • You loose your erection if you are having slow sex with your partner.
  • You can only achieve your orgasm when masturbating as usual.

How can I cure my DGS?

Based on the system provided by Masturbation Death Grip Syndrome, you should focus on the following areas:

  1. Take a break from sex and build up your desire for stimulation.
  2. When masturbating, take your time. Don’t rush to get to orgasm.
  3. Change the way you masturbate. Provide different stimulation methods and experiment.
  4. Use gentle and subtle stimulation.
  5. Focus on quality of climax and not on quantity.

They also provide a good blueprint to regain sensibility on your penis in a month. I have summarized the plan they give here.

Week 1: Avoid stimulation for 1 week (7 days)

You avoid ALL SEXUAL STIMULATION for 7 days. No sex, no porn, no masturbation, no touching yourself at all. If you have an erection, let it go soft naturally – remember, NO TOUCHING!

Week 2: You masturbate ONCE this week, but only when you get a self-occurring erection.

It doesn’t matter which day, but you cannot provoke the erection, it has to happen on its own. Once you have an erection, use gentle stimulation and take your time to reach orgasm. This is a perfect time to use a sex toy such as a Fleshlight or any other toy you CANNOT SQUEEZE.

Remember, you NEED to change the technique you had been using so far while allowing your brain to get used to lower pressure levels. The closer the masturbation method is to real sex, the better. Use a lot of lube and slow strokes while masturbating.

Weeks 3 and 4: Masturbate with your new technique only TWICE each week

Just like the previous week, masturbate only when you get a self-occurring erection, take your time, and go slow. The difference in these two weeks is that you can do it twice.

After I get cured, what is next?

If after 4 weeks you feel more sensations on your penis, you can go back to masturbate as frequently as you like, but you MUST REMEMBER to continue applying the changes you made in the previous month.


  • Let the erections happen naturally. Do not make yourself hard by using your hand. When you have to harden yourself, you are forcing your body to do something it is not in the mood to do.
  • Change your masturbation technique frequently. Use your hand in a different way. Use your other hand. Use a toy. If you want to use toys, be sure to have different levels of intensity / firmness to provide variety. (Why do you think I began my toy collection?)
  • Take your time. Go slow and enjoy the sensations from your hand or toy.
  • Use lubricant. Toys require lubricants, but if you are using your hand you need to lube to avoid applying pressure.
  • Simulate sex as much as possible. Using hands-free methods and toys like sex dolls give you sensations in other parts of your body as well, adding stimulation and variety. (One of the reasons I have so many dolls…)