Discovering my fetishes…

As I wrote on my New Year’s Resolutions post, one of my goals for this year is to go beyond the rubber pussies and share some of my other interests with you.  My use of sex toys in the past 5 years had allowed me to experience new sensations and I know some of my toy preferences are because of fetishes I had kept undiscovered or dormant through my life.This year, I decided to finally allow my demons to come out and play –  and I will write about them here…

If you are like most people, the word fetish brings you images of leather, women in stiletto heels, whips, paddles, and other sadomasochism stuff. To me, it brings memories of tying and spanking former partners who enjoyed those practices, conversations about kinky sex, and playtime with toys that create new sensations. I have a good idea of what I don’t like – hardcore sadomasochism, pissing, or playing with shit are out of the picture – but I have problems to identify if the sensations and practices I enjoy are a real fetish or simply a momentary “phase”. 

Lucky for me, I found this (old) web quiz and took it to see if the results made sense to me. Well, these were the results:

Main Fetish 

My answers to the quiz pointed to ANACLITISM, a pattern of deriving adult sexual arousal from objects that one was exposed to as an infant, usually by tactile sensations. Well, I get aroused by life-size dolls, specially the plush ones (9 of my sex dolls are plush dolls). Besides that, I really enjoy wearing soft fabrics like velour, fleece, and velvet.
Verdict:NAILED IT!

The quiz gave me also a list of secondary fetishes related to anaclitism. My “secondary fetishes” are:

Amaurophilia – This is a sexual preference for a blind or blindfolded sex partner. It also refers to having sex in total darkness. I will say that this one is true. Seeing my luchadora blindfolded (and handcuffed) is a major turn-on. When you cannot use a sense, the others work overtime. Knowing she wont see anything and her other senses will be more sensitive allows me to play with touch, smells, and flavors. It is really interesting to play like that… 
Verdict: NAILED IT!

Erotic asphyxiation – Asphyxiating my partner (or being asphyxiated by her) simply does not call my attention. After all, many people had died from that practice. 
Verdict: FAILED IT! 

Hold the pose… I have a surprise for you!

Xenophilia – Arousal from unknown / foreign people or objects. I’m Hispanic and I LOVE Asian girls – Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Chinese. I see an Asian woman and automatically I have to check her out… even the bootleg DVD sellers in the Bronx look attractive to me!
Verdict: NAILED IT!

Nyotaimori  – Eating food using a human body as a plate. Have you seen those models who get sushi served on them? I had seen it and find it kinky, but never practiced it or really got my attention.


Transformation Fetish (TF) – TF is about entities transforming into something different – humans to animals, objects to humans, animals to humans – you name it. As a doll user, I practice this fetish every time I use these dolls. From being dolls made of cloth, plastic, and silicone, they become – in my mind at least – human lovers with their own personalities, kinks, and behaviors. Real or imaginary, I am transforming an object to a sexual object.
Verdict: NAILED IT! 

Dinner is served…

Of course, this quiz is kind of old, but the answers nailed most of my personality. Sharing these results with a friend IRL, he suggested joining FetLife to learn more and get together with others sharing my fetishes. Well, I did… 

So, if you are in FetLife, and you are an Asian lady who likes to dress in soft fabrics, be tied, blindfolded, and spanked occasionally,  look for casquetero and feel free to send me a message…

Let’s play together!