Doll Review: 1 AM’s Anime Doll

SONY DSCAs you should have noticed already, I am a fan of Japanese anime.I grew up in the 1980’s watching lots of Japanese cartoon 30 years before it was “cool” in our culture. In fact, the first time I ejaculated in my life was  rubbing my penis while watching Mazinger Z and fantasizing about Sayaka – the only female character of the series…

Now as an adult, I am still a fan of anime, although now I don’t have to fantasize about the characters anymore… now I can buy them in doll form!

The doll I am reviewing here is the 1 AM’s Anime doll (a.k.a. Aimee). The model I have is an “adopted” doll (meaning I am not her first owner), and it is also the older model with the non-poseable skeleton. Still, it is a doll that deserves to be reviewed in detail, so here we go!


I bought this anime doll from a member of TDF last year because I was interested in these models from 1 AM. Although they are fabric dolls like the Aoi Himeno and the Teddy Babes, these ladies were different. First, they are made in China. Second, they were available in three or four “skin” colors – now reduced to two. Third, they have a wide selection of options to customize like eye styles, eye colors, lipstick color, wig color and length, and of course, the size of her melons – with three options ranging from mosquito bites to nice round ones. All those options are unheard of in other fabric doll brands.

There are a few things I like about this doll and a couple of things I would change, but before I go into details, let’s watch the video…

NOTE: Writing the review, I noticed that the tan skin color of my doll or the XL breasts are not available anymore as options

As I mentioned in the video, the doll “skin” is spandex instead of velour, so it reacts different to stains. In fact, I had found the spandex a lot more difficult to clean than the velour, since the fabric tends to change coloration when some detergents are used on it – so have that in mind!

As shown in the video, the SPH of this doll allows to use most medium to large size masturbators such as meikis and Fleshlights – given you remove them from the case. Medium sized toys like the Jacker Pleaser and the recently reviewed Apollo Max fit perfectly.

Now, lets discuss what I like about this doll:

  1. Anime style – Anime looks are always cute and fun to play (if you like anime of course)
  2. Quality construction – I am the second owner of this doll and even after the use (and occasional abuse) she had received, the only noticeable damage is some lube / water staining in her crotch area. The joints on the skeleton had remained strong and the fabric, even with some stretching in some areas, has held nicely.
  3. Realistic dimensions – Unlike the Teddy Babes, the dimensions on the Anime are pretty realistic. Like her Japanese neighbors, this Chinese doll keep breasts and asses in realistic proportions, keeping the curves of the doll mirrored in the curves of the typical Asian young woman.
  4. Squeezable breasts and ass. Unlike the other fabric dolls, where the breasts are filled with foam and/ or polyester filler, the Anime doll has a gel foam component in those areas, making her breasts and ass a pleasure to squeeze.
  5. Nipples. Hard, erected nipples.
  6. Soft “skin” – Even if it stains easily, the spandex is soft and comfortable to touch.

Now, what I don’t like…

  1. The head. You need to McGyver the head to avoid it to fall during play in certain positions. I was able to find a decent solution by wrapping a dress sock over the neck stump and then pushing the head in place. The additional frictionkeeps the head in whatever position I desire most of the time.
  2. The skin fabric stretches. Spandex will stretch too much on the fingers and the toes. just be ready for it.
  3. Water stains. The spandex tends to stain easily, so be sure your toys are dry and that you don’t use too much lube when playing. Lube and water tends to stain the fabric – and it is difficult to clean without discoloration. . Forget about using meikis with this doll – they will never fit!

All said, the Anime doll is a sexy companion, specially since you can create the replica of your favorite anime character or create your own original round eye fantasy lady.


If you are a Japanese anime fan, this doll is must have for you. Fun to play with, with different customization options available  from the manufacturer, and a good quality construction, the Aimee doll is maybe the best selection for an anime-style  love doll.  

Total Score: 21 / 25

  • Realism: 5 / 5. The proportions are on the mark even in the 130 cm doll (52 inches). Add the squeezable breasts and ass and you feel you are not playing with a cloth doll. 
  • Storing: 3 / 5. She is life size. Could be difficult to hide.
  • Maintenance: 4 / 5. The main concern is staining the fabric around her SPH. 
  • Cleaning: 4 / 5. Avoid cumming on the doll at all costs.
  • Weight: 5 / 5. It is super light. 

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  1. Glad I helped. Be aware the Body Hina has very delicate seems – they can burst open even if you are filling them with cotton. It is a fun doll to play, but it is a delicate one…
    Man, it sucks balls that your customs rates are so high. I worked in Mexico for a few months (YEARS ago…) and remember the import duties were about 15 to 20%. Have you checked if the doll is available through MercadoLibre or other local reseller?

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