Doll Review: 1-AM’s Natasha (TC1101)

As you guys know, I am working on the new website – and it has been a nightmare! First, I realized how much I have forgotten about web design – the last time I made a website was 8 years ago – and then I injured my right hand. Nothing major, but it stills hurts when I type… But the plan is to launch before July 20.

But as busy as I could be with the website and other things I have to do this month, I don’t stop trying new toys. It’s an addiction! 🙂

The latest toy is a small Chinese solid doll from my pals at 1-AM. They recently launched their American website – – offering a selection of dolls manufactured by their company in China. They have inflatables, fabric, silicone, and even TPE dolls, but I went for their smallest and lightest solid doll: Natasha.

Just out of the box.

How is this small lady? Let’s go to the review for the details…

The doll

Natasha is one of the entry level models of 1-AM. It is a small doll (47 inches tall) and it looks like one of those “My Size” dolls targeted to girls, but modified so it has sexual capabilities. That is the controversial part of the doll – at first look, it seems to be a modified kid’s toy. But those are just first impressions.

In “person” the doll is more mature than expected. The doll is the same height as a 6-years old girl, but its proportions are of a young grown-up. The body has adult definition and shape with its torso having curves on the right places to hint a developed body. The breasts IMO are the best part – a pair of silicone breasts that look and feel great. Of course, the genital area had been modified so a big masturbator (included with the doll) fits easily. The doll is made of plasticized rubber which is hollow, but 1AM fills the body with poly-fill adding weight and consistency to the material. All the body with the exception of the breasts is made of the same rubber material.

The doll is a sturdy little woman, with legs and arms that rotate 360 degrees. She is able to support most of her own weight (about 13 pounds) and being light, she is easy to “play” with.

Introducing “Natalia”

When you order the doll  at , you have the chance of selecting between two faces – the standard “Asian” face (available with either black, brown, or blonde rooted hair) or a more mature looking “European” face (available with blonde rooted hair). Regardless of the options chosen, the doll arrives ready to use, dress with simple lingerie and the masturbator.

The ordering process is relatively easy since you can use the order page on the website or email your order to their representative in the US. Either way, you can expect your doll in the given period of time. My Natasha arrived 12 days after I paid her, even when my order arrived during a Chinese holiday.

The Masturbator

The included masturbator is a big closed ended toy with vaginal and anal orifices. The vaginal  orifice has a realistic texture that is enjoyable with moderately high stimulation while the anal orifice has a shorter depth and is smooth. Personally, I enjoyed more the vaginal orifice and placed a small bullet vibrator inside the anal canal.

If the masturbator was a separate item, I would give it the following score:

Immediate Feedback: 4/5
Orgasm Buildup: 5/5
Realism: 4/5
Tightness: 3/5
Tear and Wear: 5/5
Hygiene: 4/5
Maintenance: 4/5
Use: 5/5

Total: 34 / 40

Using the doll

The Natasha doll is really easy to use. First, it is light, allowing you to move her around with one hand without issue. Second, it is small – at barely 4 feet tall, it is easily concealed in a closet or inside a carry-on bag after you disassemble the head and limbs (which are pretty easy to remove and replace).  The legs and arms rotate to allow basic positions, not as many  as a high-end doll, but many more than expected. The material is strong and resistant, so you can be creative with your Natasha.

Two things: You can easily pop the limbs out during play, but they are easy to replace to continue the session. The second is the hair. The doll comes with your selection of black, brown, or blonde hair but be warned that it is rooted hair. If you are not a big fan of rooted hair, you can cut it and use wigs with your doll, just like I did.

Natalia showing her figure.

If you don’t like the included masturbator, you can replace it with a similar sized sleeve. I used the AINO Mature Vagina with my Natasha doll (named Natalia) and although not a perfect fit, it worked nicely to add some variety.

Looks: 5/5 – Incredibly cute
Realism: 4/5 – She is a scaled down young lady. If the ass was as squeezable as the breasts, she would have been perfect…
Mobility: 5 / 5 – Lightweight enough to move with one hand. Easy to hide.
Fuckability – 4/5 – Limited positions, but enough to be fun to play. Accept other big masturbators.
Durability – 5/5 – Natasha is pretty sturdy

Total: 23 / 25
Value: High
Preference: High

The Natasha is a good introduction to solid dolls. If you want to experiment with a solid doll and don’t have too much space or want something easy to move and store, this doll is perfect for you. With a price below $400, it is a good durable doll to have in your harem.

“Hug me… Then f**k me!”