Doll Review: Aiko Doll

I am not a big microphiliac fan, but Gulliver and the Lilliputians always got me interested… Hey, in my pervert mind, Gulliver had some of the female Lilliputians playing with his dick, showering them with cum on a regular basis…

Sometimes I want to feel like Gulliver and the smaller scale dolls allow me to live that erotic fantasy. This review is for the smallest sex doll I have in my collection – the 1/3 scale Aiko Doll by LaFargue Dolls ( This is a 23 inches doll based on their original character Aiko Kobiyashi,  introduced in the market last February. I got my own Aiko like a week after they went into production and had been playing with it for a few weeks before doing this review. So lets go and review this little sexy lady…


You can read or watch the video…but remember the video is PG – and the blog is X-rated!

Now that we got to the adult section of the review, lets talk about sex with petite women…

The Aiko is made of soft silicone poured over a super flexible plastic skeleton. The skeleton has many points of articulation, but the doll cannot stand on its own or hold a pose without support. Still the Aiko is very photogenic and can hold a pose provided you use some props, which is pretty cool with most doll enthusiasts.

The body of the doll represents an athletic, well endowed young woman with big breasts and nice curves – an excellent design. The face has this pissed-off, intense attitude that translates very well on photographs, as if the doll just wants to fuck you to death (sexy!). There is an additional head available – Miko – which has a semi-open mouth and a rounder face, giving the doll a relaxed, but sexier look. When you order the doll, you will have three options for eye color, 13 wig options, and two skin colors – the default light skin color or a bronze color that will make the doll look like a Thai or Latina micro lady. There is the option of buying the doll with the default bikini or with a t-shirt / jean outfit for a few extra dollars.

All that is cool, but we are talking about a sex doll. Aiko has a vaginal cavity that  is able to accept an average sized penis (6 inches long, 4 inches girth) without major problems given you use PLENTY of lube. Remember, this is a small doll and she will feel tight even if you are below average. The vaginal pocket has a simple nub-based texture, but the tightness and the visual of such a beautiful doll makes it brutally effective. Once you position the doll and start nailing it, you will see the outline of your penis bulging the stomach of the doll and that experience is one of the most erotic things you can experience.

Now, the doll feels and look fragile, but for a 24 inches doll, the Aiko is a trooper. Obviously, you need to be a little creative when fucking it, but Aiko can take a good fuck without falling apart. I had been nailing my little lady for about a month now and she had not tore or develop any blemish. Just remember to be delicate with this doll and treat her like she is a tiny real woman.

As like all other integrated vagina dolls, cleaning the Aiko can be a hassle if you cum inside the cavity. If you decide to let her have a creampie, have a turkey baster available to flush her vaginal pocket. Of course, you can decide to give her a cum shower or use a condom to make cleanup a lot easier.

Talking about cleaning, Aiko has the same problems as all other silicone dolls – lint and staining. Aiko skin will develop some stickiness and will attract all the lint and hair in your house. That is a common issue with silicone dolls and it is easily avoidable by powdering the doll after each use. To avoid staining, use light colors on her clothing or be sure to wash any dark garment you plan to use on this doll.

You can buy your Aiko / Miko doll for $500 right at


If you are looking for a doll that is functional and easy to hide / store, the Aiko doll is a great option. This doll is not for everyone – it is small, can be delicate, and it will be too tight for those with larger than average penises – but for those with microphiliac fetishes, this is a must have!


Realism: 5 / 5.  Aiko is small, but her proportions are realistic and she feels as if a small woman is playing with you.

Storing: 5 / 5. Perfect size for storage

Maintenance: 4 / 5. The doll can be delicate due to its size.

Cleaning: 3 / 5. Avoid cumming inside the doll without a condom unless you have a turkey baster or enema equipment to clean the orifice.

Weight: 5 / 5. It is small and super light.

Total: 22 / 25


2 thoughts on “Doll Review: Aiko Doll”

  1. She looks nice! I had never filled an airgirl with cotton or polyfill, but I will consider it just for fun. Right now I am modifying two canvas mannequins to make “poor man’s” life size dolls… Photos and report soon!

  2. Hi s33man,
    Yes, I have heard (and seen) the Dolfie Dream series. In fact, I got two Obitsu dolls I will be modifying with the onahole you mentioned in the near future. Personally, I like the Aiko because is all silicone – making it sturdier than the BJDs – and that it is ready for sex out of the box. Something tells me that you could fit a Dolfie anime head on the Aiko – after all, the Aiko is made by a BJD company in the US.

    About your “problem”, was the Hina totally full? The fuller the doll, the tighter the onahole will feel – and sometimes tightness does not allow you to enjoy the texture. Try again, but inflate the doll only to 70 – 75% of the capacity. It will look weird, but that will allow the onahole to stay in place and expand when you penetrate it. Another option, use the doll without the onahole. You will feel the vinyl tugging you and that is a totally weird sensation…

    BTW, I cannot take credit for the DGS guide. I basically copied it down from and made a couple of modifications. Glad it helped!

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