Doll Review: Aoi Himeno Plush Doll


I had said it before and I will say it again… Silicone dolls are beautiful, but they have two major issues: weight and price. If you are like me, a guy with an average job, a bad back, and a small apartment, a full size silicone doll is almost impossible to own. Personally, I decided to stick with plush dolls and scaled-down silicone ladies. They are cheaper, lighter, and easier to move around and store than the full size silicone beauties. That’s why I have so many of these “adult” cuties…

Enter the Aoi Himeno, an anime style plush doll from the Japanese company A-One (the same people behind the Love Venus R and the Eri Nanjo). The Aoi looks almost the same as her “cousin” Eri Nanjo, but there are a few differences in the body proportions that makes each doll unique.


I got my Aoi Nanjo basically new on eBay – thanks to a guy who got her as a birthday gift and decided to get rid of her. She is not available through any store in the USA, although you can buy her in Amazon from a company in Japan. Besides Amazon, the other option is through Kanojo Toys, a Japanese toy company.

I love the Eri Nanjo and definitively love the Aoi Himeno. She is a light, well proportioned plush doll with realistic dimensions if you compare her to a real Japanese young woman. Like the Eri Nanjo, The Aoi Himeno has no skeleton and have swiveling legs that accommodates to different types of  play positions. Unlike the Eri Nanjo, this doll is in a sitting position, so you have a few interesting options to play with this young lady. The following video shows you a quick display of the capabilities of this doll.

NOTE: You will notice that I fucked up the English language in the video. I recorded it completely high and English is not my first language…and I am too damn lazy to re-record the clip, so there you go…

As shown in the video, the SPH of this doll allows to use most small to medium sized Japanese masturbators and even smaller American made toys like the Palm Pal and the Fleshlight Flight. Customization is limited to changing the wig and the clothes, but playing with her is so much fun you won’t care about customization.

There a few things I like about this doll:

  1. Anime style – Anime looks are always cute and fun to play (if you like anime of course)
  2. Swiveling legs – Rotating the legs give good access to the SPH and gives the doll a realism you don’t get otherwise.
  3. Realistic dimensions – This doll has a real set of proportions you can find on Japanese women. Breasts have a good realistic size, the hips and belly are not super defined, as if she is a little chubby, and she can use normal clothes without much modifications.
  4. The plush skin is ultra soft and warm.

Still, there are a couple things I don’t like…

  1. You can only use smaller toys. Forget about using meikis with this doll – they will never fit!
  2. The muppet hands – I like the softness of the material, but those sausage fingers remind me I’m sleeping with the cousin of Ms. Piggy.

All said, I really like this doll, specially when I have a bondage fantasy or want to do some “doggy” style with a plush doll. The sitting position makes holding her in those positions easy as a walk in the park.



If you are a Japanese anime fan and are looking for a light doll to have some fun, the Aoi Himeno is a cute young lady that is not too “sexy looking” and not too expensive. Dressed nicely, it is just slightly high brow as part of a Japanese figure collection.

Total Score: 20 / 25

  • Realism: 4 / 5. Aoi has the perfect size and proportions in her body to feel real – until you grab her sausage fingers… 
  • Storing: 3 / 5. She is life size and in a permanent sitting position. Could be difficult to hide.
  • Maintenance: 4 / 5. The main concern is staining the fabric around her SPH. If that happens, have ready some Oxyclean or Woolite to spot clean the stain. 
  • Cleaning: 4 / 5. Avoid cumming on the doll.
  • Weight: 5 / 5. It is super light. 

Available at: Kanojo Toys