Doll Review: Boy Toy Torso

When talking about sex dolls, the first name that comes to mind (at least in the USA) is Real Dolls. These are the most realistic dolls available in the USA, but they have two main issues: their cost and their weight. The company behind Real Dolls realized that not everybody was able to carry 80 pounds of silicone, so they designed another series of dolls called Boy Toy – smaller, lighter, and less expensive – and as part of that line, designed a torso for those of us who cannot afford more than $1,500 on a doll, but still want one. Before you ask, no, I did not spend a grand on this doll – I’m not a millionaire. I snatched this torso on ebay for a little less than $400 about a year ago and haven’t decided to review it until now.

So lets go to the review…

First Impressions

Boy Toy torsos are designed to be light – under 30 pounds – and easy to move around. The breasts and ass are not super soft, but they make the job of keeping you interested . They are firm, but gives you enough give to imagine you are having sex with an athletic woman a la Gina Carano.

The torso I bought had a silicone insert with separate canals for vaginal and anal sex. I don’t know if the insert was the newest design, but it looked nicely on the doll, although it gave me the impression that the entrance would be too tight for me – and I don’t have a monster-sized penis. Being an used doll, I could notice some deflation in one of the breasts, something easily fixed with a gel injection from Abyss.

The torso came customized with a life-size Barbie doll head and some home made foam limbs which I discarded almost immediately.Using the torso for sex…Without a head now, I tried the BT torso for the first time and has to say… I could not enter the insert. As expected, the entrance of the insert was too narrow for me, specially when considering the doll’s vaginal orifice made the insert hole even tighter. The only way to fix this was cutting the doll’s crotch to allow for a different insert.


With this crude mod, I could fit my favorite sleeves without major issues. Now my BT torso was the almost perfect silicone girlfriend, being easy to move in different positions – doggy, missionary, and cowgirl were easy and fun to do. The weight is perfect to provide some “feedback” when thrusting in those positions and by using different inserts, you get variety for you little friend while you have fun with those silicone breasts.

Now, I like my dolls with heads, and this doll was missing a face desperately. I checked the BT website to order a head / face kit and almost shat my pants when I saw the price: between $800 and $900 depending on the model. There was no way for me to spend that much money on a single head!

The cheap workaround? Buying a couple of hairdresser mannequin heads ($10 per piece) and cutting their necks so they fit the PVC pipe stuck on her body. Added some liquid urethane to the base of the heads and voila, my torso has now multiple personalities…


The Boy Toy torso is an interesting choice if you want a full size silicone doll but have a limited budget or storage space. At a $2,300 retail price (with head and face of your selection), is basically half the price of their full sized doll. Personally, I would rather look for an used full Boy Toy on The Doll Forum or Ebay for that price, but the torso has all the fun – even if you have to modify the crotch area.


Realism: 4 / 5.  The proportions are realistic and the included insert is pretty realistic once you are able to use it.

Storing: 4 / 5. At about 24″ tall by 20″ wide, it can be easily stored in most closets.

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain

Cleaning: 5 / 5. The doll is insert based, so cleaning will depend more on the type of insert you are using. Avoid water or fluids to sip to the interior of the doll since it is foam based.

Weight: 4 / 5. Not bad for its size.

Total: 21 / 25