Doll Review: Candy 18 – Body 4 w/ Jenna Head


Today’s review is about another of the “ladies” from my harem: the Candy8Teen Body 4 with the Jenna head. Because that is too much to repeat during the review, I will use the name “Alexa” to refer to this doll from now. Also, to make our lives easier, I will refer to the manufacturer as C18.

C18 dolls are different than “Ada” (Love Venus R) and “Kyoko” (Teddy Babe Akiko) in more ways than one. The C18 dolls have a solid foam core similar to the foam you find in a couch seat covered by a silicone skin. “Alexa” is a floppy doll, meaning she doesn’t have any type of skeleton – wire or tube – meaning that she is not pose able. Her body is skinny without many curves and small B-cup breasts.

The main characteristic of  “Alexa” is that her head is interchangeable. The manufacturer gives two head options for this doll: the “Jenna” and the “Pam” head. Both are Caucasian head that allows for oral sex, but they look slightly different, with “Jenna” having a more square face. You can see the difference between the two heads below.

Jenna face
Pam face

The heads are interchangeable, so even if the body doesn’t have any skeleton, you will see a PVC pipe sticking out from her neck to insert the head.

Looking at the doll you can realize this is not a high-end doll. It costs about $800, when a high-end costs above $5,000. In fact, C18 is a small business and the quality of the doll you receive shows it. When you receive a C18 doll, be prepared to cut seams (some of them very noticeable), clean the doll, and have a repair kit ready (silicone or Aquaseal wet suit repair material) to repair the minor scratches and exposed foam areas you (probably) will find while unboxing the doll. C18 will ship your doll naked and with a costume wig inside the box. For the price (especially as I bought mine on sale for less than $500), those minor repairs are expected and not a major issue.

How is it as a sex doll? “Alexa’s” body requires an insert to be used – and C18 includes one named “Cat in the Can”. Even with the insert, the placement is not anatomically correct, but it is placed a perfect place for sex. The other good thing about this doll is that it accepts the Sex In a Can series from Fleshlight without any modification and regular fleshlights after some minor modifications. Being able to use your favorite insert such as the Lotus Lager, the Lotus, or the STU while grabbing a small life-size breast is a great turn on.

Unfortunately, that comes with a price. Since the doll has a detachable head, the only position you can do with this doll is missionary. It supports up to 400 pounds without issues, but if you are like me and have issues with your knees, missionary is not your favorite position. I am modifying the head to keep it attached in my favorite position while having sex with “Alexa”, so when I find a good way to keep the head fixed, I will post it here.


  • She likes to give head!
  • Lightweight – around 12 pounds
  • Easy to customize, dress and accessorize.
  • Accepts a wide variety of inserts – including Fleshlights (after cutting 2 inches from the end).
  • Material feels lifelike
  • Insert in perfect position for sex


  • Silicone skin is easy to get stained
  • Head limits sex positions
  • Difficult to pose and keep in a given position.

Verdict: If you are interested in silicone real life doll (such as the Real Sex Dolls) but can’t afford them, C18 dolls are a great option. They are affordable and a good introduction to silicone material dolls. The Body 4 is a good option if you prefer skinny type women and/or if you want to use a variety of inserts with a doll.