Doll Review: Doll Sweet (DS) 165 and 145 cm dolls

I can’t keep my word… even to myself!

Back in June, I promised myself I would not buy any other sex doll. Being honest, I have way too many of these things in my apartment – imagine 30 sex dolls of different materials, sizes, and styles in a small NYC studio apartment. Add the other shit I have at home, and my studio looks more like a snapshot of a Hoarders episode than the apartment of a “professional” sex toy reviewer.

But in late August, I broke my promise. I was checking eBay and found an offer I could not refuse – 2 Doll Sweet (DS) bodies for just $1,600. One of the bodies included the head, the other was headless. Knowing the reputation of DS in the doll community, the chance of getting two rare dolls was too much. So, I took a deep breath and pulled the trigger…Again.

DS 165 cm (Kayla face)

This was the doll that got my attention on the auction post. It is a 165 cm (5 ft 4 in) tall brown doll with a sexy Kayla head. It got my attention because brown colored dolls are rare in the US. Most guys prefer to buy Caucasian or Japanese looking dolls (light skin colors), while this brown color looks more Thai or even Latina depending on the wig.

This doll came complete with two shoulder length wigs (a reddish brown and a black one) and an insert. DS inserts are about 6 inches long, made of silicone, and with an organic texture. I sanitized the insert that came with the doll to test it, but I ordered two immediately because I don’t like to penetrate used toys (hey, it was an used doll, so I assume someone had used the insert in the past).

The doll has the “tight joint” option – meaning that the skeleton stays in whatever pose you put it. That option is excellent for photography, but requires a lot of patience when you are “playing” with the doll. A bad movement can damage the joints or the limbs, so this is an option better suited for experienced doll users.

DS dolls are known for three things: the softness of the silicone used in their models, the realistic slim proportions (very similar to the typical Asian woman), and for their low weight. I have to say, they have a well deserved fame. This doll has the slim proportions common in Asian young women and the doll feels so natural that is scary. This body only weights around 60 pounds which is perfect for playing – especially if you are a healthy guy. The weight gives good resistance when you are playing with it, but still is an easy weight to move it around.

The one I got has the vaginal insert and an anal cavity, so you have those two “options”. The Kayla head, although it has a sexy mouth that stays ajar, is not designed for oral sex. Still the doll is beautiful, great to play and a sexy companion. But that was just the first doll…

DS 145 cm (Fleur head)

The deal included a second body – a smaller body in pink color. The shape of the body is great, with slightly bigger breasts than the brown body and a The second body was thrown in as a bonus and as soon I opened the shipping box I understood why. This body was in bad shape – a deep cut in the right knee, a deep indentation on the left knee, a puncture with missing material on her left shoulder, a rip running from the lower back all the way to the anus, cuts on both palms, and a long, deep cut in one of the ass cheeks. To round it up, it did not have a head, no insert, and it was all greasy and dirty all over the place. It was a beautiful disaster…

My first duty was cleaning the doll to try some repairs. I needed to use diluted degreaser to clean all the dirt / grease on this body. There are still some stained areas on the neck, feet, and ass that I simply left as impossible after cleaning for more than three hours. Hopefully, they will clear up with time. The next step was fixing the cuts and bruises with some RTV silicone I got from my local Home Depot. I hate dealing with silicone, but I learned a few tricks thanks to TDF member samara78 (who has earned the title of Doll Doctor) to get clean repairs. The tricks worked perfectly on the knee and hands cuts, but I made a mistake on the shoulder and the ass, so the fix is noticeable. Still, the doll looks and feel much better than when it arrived.

Of course, the doll is still headless. The seller had used the brown head on the auction post,  so I needed a head for this lady. I used a sewing strip to measure the body and the numbers matched a 158 cm doll, so I decided to order the Fleur head – one of the older faces available from DS. This face mimics a Caucasian woman in her 40’s, so I got it plus the inserts. I had never ordered from DS before and have to say I became a fan of their customer service. The day after I placed my order I received an email from the factory to confirm the order and after confirming, a PayPal invoice for the deposit. Two weeks later, I got another email showing photos of the completed head with my selected options and four days after, UPS was at my door delivering the inserts and the head. Three weeks from order to delivery – not bad for a custom product.

Fleur head at the factory…

I realized the head was for a larger body when I installed it, but depending on the pose, it looks natural and in proportion. The doll – just like the brown body – feels natural, is easy to move, and is a great partner. In fact, this pink body is even a better playing partner because it has the lose joints options, making arranging the doll during play a lot easier.

Foxy lady…


This was the first time I felt buyer’s remorse after clicking the “Purchase” button – but that remorse disappeared the second I unboxed the first of the bodies. This was an excellent purchase because I got a great deal on two excellent products.

Now, if you excuse me, I need to go back to my toys…