Doll Review: ELF (Faye / Daisy) Doll

I don’t know about you, but I always had something for Tinkerbell. She is sassy, temperamental, spoiled, and even kind of gangster. From the Disney characters, she was designed to be sexy – some people even say that they used Marilyn Monroe as the model. Regardless of her origin, I had always watched Tinkerbell (or Campanita as we know her in Latin America) and my little friend downstairs stirred.

Tinkerbell – Original Ghetto Fairy Gansta

The Internet as always had taught me that I am not alone in my “admiration” for Tinkerbell. Soon after I discovered sex dolls, I read hundreds of posts about guys wanting Real Dolls with pointy ears and wings to have their own 5 feet tall fairy. Add the fantasy element of beautiful elves thanks to the Lord of the Ring movies (thank you Liv), and silicone dolls with pointy ears became all the rage.

Silicone dolls are pretty, but they have two major issues: weight and price. Your standard life-size silicone doll weights no less than 60 pounds and costs no less than $5,000. If you are like me, a guy with an average job, a bad back, and a small apartment, a full size silicone doll is almost impossible to own. We have a lot better chances with scaled-down dolls like the Cassidoll and Mini Love Doll, which still could be too heavy and expensive for some. Well, the Chinese heard us and made a beautiful elf ling doll just for you, my fellow Tinkerbell (and Tolkien) fan.


The Elf doll I will review is the JM Doll basic elf model sold by 1 AM USA as the Faye Elf Doll. This is the older version which has a floppy, non-poseable skeleton. The new version available in their website has a skeleton that hold poses, great for taking photographs. Besides the skeleton change, the doll is exactly the same.

Faye, as it is named by the friends at 1 AM, is a scaled down silicone doll like the Cassidoll and the Mini Love Doll. The doll has all the right curves – nice big breasts and ass – , but only measures 31 inches (80 cm) and weights just below 14 pounds  (about 6 kilograms).

The doll is available with a series of options. You can choose between two different faces (elf or half-human), eye color, and wig color. The doll also has the option of a few upgrades, such as a real-looking vaginal hole (the basic option is a textured hole with a realistic looking plug) and eyes that close when the doll is lying down. These two options will cost you $150 extra, but if you are cool with them, go on.

I bought my little elf used on eBay and it is the basic model with gray eyes, standard vagina and the elf face with non-closing eyes. The doll came with two long wigs – blonde and brunette –  but I decided to get her a shorter wig like the one I got for my Elaine, my Mini Love Doll.

The doll seems very delicate when you hold it for the first time, but these elves are made for fucking. The doll’s tummy is basically hollow, allowing you to insert your little friend deep into your elf friend. She will accept up to 5 inches of your meat inside her and she is light enough to sit on top of you without bothering you at all. This little girl is so light and flexible that you can do different positions with her – always having in mind that she is only 31 inches tall and very skinny.

The standard vagina has a texture of bumps arranged in a cross shaped tunnel, which is pretty stimulating, while allowing you to control your session with the immortal elf. If you are average, you can increase the suction on the doll’s cavity if you press her tummy a little. Those details help the doll to become alive during your fantasy of fucking a little elf or fairy.

Of course, like any other doll, taking care of your Faye is very important. Because the vagina is molded into the doll, you will need to clean the orifice using a turkey baster to wash it. To avoid the inconvenient cleaning, I either use a condom or give this little girl a huge cumshot. Also, because she is made of silicone, you will need to powder your elf regularly to avoid dirt and lint.


As you can imagine, finding clothes for this doll is a pain in the ass. You need to either buy My Size Barbie clothes or make your own. Personally, I am lazy (and cheap), so I made a simple stretch mini dress from a girl’s legging I got from a nearby dollar store. Of course, with a Tinkerbell design!

Verdict:The Faye Elf Doll delivers a fun fantasy for those of us with a fairy fetish. If your fantasy involves either fairies, elves, or micro-sized women, you should consider the Faye. If you are also looking for your first doll or you have limited space to have one (or need one that can be easily stored in a duffel bag), consier getting this doll. For about $800 (1 AM has regular discounts, so the price could be lower), this is a great doll to play with.

Score:Realism: 4 / 5. The elf is based on a fantasy character, but her proportions are credible and the standard vagina feels almost natural. 

Storing: 5 / 5. Perfect size for storage

Maintenance: 4 / 5. The doll can be delicate due to its size. Since they changed the skeleton recently, I cannot talk about its possible skin breaking. 

Cleaning: 3 / 5. Avoid cumming inside the doll without a condom unless you have a turkey baster or enema equipment to clean the orifice.

Weight: 5 / 5. It is small and super light. 

Total: 21 / 25