Doll Review: Eri Nanjo Doll

I can’t believe that I had this doll for 3 years and I never reviewed it!

First, let me tell you a story…

Back when I started my (Doll) Harem, two of the dolls that got my attention were the Eri Nanjo and its “friend” Aoi Himeno. Both are plush dolls from Japan, have the generic anime style, and are cute as hell. They are not sexy or anything – just cute. They were not too expensive either – about $600 including shipping from Japan – but at the time, I decided against buying from Japan (easy when you buy from Kanojo Toys). I ended setting up for Kyoko (my Teddy Babe) and forgot about the Nanjo.

A few months after getting my TB, I am looking at a thrift store in Manhattan when I saw a familiar face – an Eri Nanjo doll! It was fairly new, with a couple of crayon marks in one of her feet and a slightly dirty camisole, but in perfect shape… and a price of just $25. So, without thinking too much, I got the doll and bought it, carrying it back home in a clear trash bag on the subway at rush hour on a Friday early evening…

That’s how I got my own Eri Nanjo doll and honestly, it is one of my favorites!

Now, something I love about Japanese dolls is that they are made for one thing – sex. The doll is very simple – basically a human shaped plush toy. The head does not turn, the body has no internal skeleton, the arms do not rotate, and the doll is not pose able. What makes this doll perfect for sex is that the legs are floppy and they rotate as if it was a real person. That allows the Eri Nanjo to accommodate her position to your desire while playing with her. The doll is capable of sustaining many different sex positions (with some support), and the advantage of accepting different masturbator models help to keep variety.

Being a plush doll, the Eri Nanjo is a light doll – less than 15 pounds – and because it measures about 4.75 feet tall (145 cm), it is almost life size. You can say it has the body of a teen with wide hips, with measurements of 29 / 24 / 32 inches (74/61/82 cm) and nice features – soft fuzzy “skin”, big sewn eyes, and a firm body that retains its shape even after three years.

There are two things about the Eri Nanjo that many users don’t like. First, as many Japanese dolls, it has no nipples. That is something you can fix easily by gluing silicone or rubber nipples sold in most stores. Second, you can only use smaller masturbators with this doll – nothing larger than 5 inches fits inside her vaginal hole. Still with these two “drawbacks”, the Eri is a cute and devilish fun doll to have.

Verdict: The Eri Nanjo doll is the perfect doll for those looking for a relatively inexpensive plush doll in the anime style. The doll does not allow for posing or too much style, but it is great for cosplay and customization… and of course for sex. If you don’t mind the limitation of masturbator size, or the fact that it is only available by ordering directly from Japan, it is a good beginner’s doll for below $600 (including shipping from Japan).


Realism: 4 / 5. The Eri Nanjo has the proportions of a Japanese teen. It feels good for cuddling at night.

Storing: 3 / 5. It is basically life size, so better have some closet space. Or keep it clothed in cosplay and put on display!

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Really easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. No wires or skeleton to break here.

Cleaning: 4 / 5. Avoid cumming on the doll, remember it is a plush toy. Otherwise, easy to spot clean. 

Weight: 5 / 5. Less than 15 pounds (6.8 kg). Easy to move around with one hand.

Total: 21 / 25

You can buy your Eri Nanjo at KANOJO TOYS.